UF Principles of Engagement in Global Health

The mission of the University of Florida includes the strengthening of the human condition and the improvement of quality of life of all people. We recognize the significant connection that exists between the health and well-being of Floridians and that of the world, and we acknowledge our fundamental, ethical responsibility to employ our academic resources for the improvement of the quality of life of all peoples. We accomplish this in part by engaging in teaching, research, and service to improve global health. To this end, we commit to the following Principles of Engagement in Global Health:

  • Before undertaking global health activities, we will acquire knowledge of the cultural context of the proposed endeavor;

  • We will approach our global health endeavors as opportunities for mutual benefit of all parties;

  • We will strive to collaborate with global partners to identify and respond to locally identified needs;

  • We will seek to ensure the sustainability of ┬áthe outcomes of our efforts;

  • In all endeavors we will be especially attentive to populations that are most vulnerable;

  • Recognizing the complexity of both health problems and health solutions in the global community, we will strive for maximal multidisciplinary involvement in global health activities, drawing on the full spectrum of UF resources and disciplines represented on campus and comparable resources available through our global partners. Drawing on this wide pool of expertise will also help to assure sustainability of the results of our work.

  • We will fulfill the academic responsibilities of sharing observations and experiences via teaching, training, reports, and publications in collaboration with our global partners.

  • We will work with our global partners to adhere to the highest standards of research ethics and practice; and

  • We will seek to ensure the safety and security of UF community members and partners, particularly students, while engaged in global health efforts abroad and at home.