International Grants

The Office for Global Research Engagement at the International Center can help UF faculty identify and prepare a grant proposal with an international focus to advance teaching, research, public service and outreach. The resources below are designed to guide faculty through the process of locating, writing, submitting and administering grants, contracts and fellowships at UF.

Everything about Funding for International Projects

International Funding Sources - This presentation provides information about funding sources from federal and state agencies to private donors. The presentation also has a list of online databases that can help locate funding sources for projects with international topics.

The Grant Process

This is a series of presentations on how to develop a grant proposal and its submission through UF's Division of Sponsored Programs.

UF Resources

The Office for Global Research Engagement (OGRE) has identified Key Contacts within the University of Florida to assist faculty and those involved in developing international grant proposals to obtain targeted/context specific help. For contacts click here.

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UF's Office of Research also offers funding support for international research projects, faculty exchanges, conferences held in Gainesville, and travel to visit potential donors. Click here to learn about UF's internal support.