2004 Awardees

Thomas Oakland, Professor

College of Education
Campus Winner - Senior Faculty
Dr. Oakland has worked in more than 40 countries, establishing enduring professional relationships with colleagues abroad. His work has enabled him to identify some broad and critical issues important to children and youth internationally, as well as nationally. The issues addressed through his teaching range broadly within psychology and education and have resulted in numerous invitations to lecture at foreign institutions. He was a Professor of Psychology at the University of Auckland, a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Brasilia, and currently is an Honorary Professor of Psychology at both the Iberoamerica University in San Jose, Costa Rica and the University of Hong Kong. In addition, he recently created a 10-week summer program for graduate students from UF and other institutions to regain fluency in Spanish, confidence in its use, knowledge of Latin culture, and educational methods used with children in Costa Rica.

Amie Kreppel

Program Director & Associate Professor
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Campus Winner - Junior Faculty

Since coming to the University of Florida in 1998, Kreppel has earned an international reputation as a leading authority on the European Parliament, led the University of Florida’s successful efforts to establish a Title VI Center for European Studies (and became its inaugural director), and has become a much sought-after teacher among students with interests in European politics. Kreppel’s research agenda has focused on the institutional development of legislatures, with particular emphasis on legislative parties within the European Parliament and national legislatures. She has written a Cambridge University Press book, five solo-authored journal articles, six co-authored journal articles, and three book chapters. As part of her broader international service, Professor Kreppel has been a consultant to the U.S. Department of State and provided a number of open and closed briefings, as well as guest lectures at the Foreign Service Institute.

2004 Nominees

Thomas L. Crisman, Professor & Program Director
College of Engineering
Dr. Crisman has a long and distinguished record of scholarship in management and conservation of wetlands. He has practiced his profession around the globe, involving both professionals and students in his research and teaching. His service to the World Bank is truly impressive. He has broadened the global perspective of UF students by hosting numerous faculty and students from abroad in his laboratory where they work alongside UF personnel, and by sending his own UF students to conduct research in other countries. In addition, he has brought his extensive overseas experience to the UF classroom by organizing and teaching courses dealing with international issues in wetlands conservation. Dr. Crisman continues to make outstanding contributions to the global education our students must have to be successful in the future.

Juan-Carlos Molleda, Assistant Professor
College of Journalism and Communication
Dr. Molleda has achieved a remarkable record of accomplishments in international research, teaching, and service in International Public Relations. Although a relatively new faculty member, he has already conducted international research in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, and Niger. He incorporates results of his international research in every class he teaches by transferring this up-to-date knowledge to his undergraduate and graduate students. Dr. Molleda’s work is both well-published and influential in his field. Research and teaching are well-complemented with his international service activities. Since 2003, Dr. Molleda has served as vice chair of the Global Initiatives Advisory Board of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). He is considered one of the top-three U.S. Public Relations Scholars, if not the top scholar, with a research focus on Latin America.

Ivar Mjör, Professor & Eminent Scholar
College of Dentistry
Dr. Mjör has been very active and exemplary in all areas of teaching, research, and service at the national and international levels in dentistry. In particular, his successful research achievements have resulted in eight Honorary Degrees. Dr. Mjör has published 127 articles and book chapters, and his teaching activities are equally impressive. He has been the main contributor to nine textbooks and he is world renown as a valued lecturer at international meetings and universities. Named “Operative Faculty of the Year” by the class of 2000, he serves as a wonderful example to his peers as well as to the students enrolled at the College. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he is a professional of the highest caliber.

Peter Lang, Graduate Research Professor
College of Public Health and Health Professions
Dr. Lang has been continuously funded through the National Institutes of Health since 1960. This funding has supported his longstanding academic interests in understanding the psycho physiological aspects of emotion and attention. His work is not only internationally recognized, but his techniques have been cross-culturally normed so that individuals struggling with anxiety disorders in other countries also benefit from Dr. Lang’s expertise and innovative approaches to managing illness. In addition, Dr. Lang has a longstanding commitment to international education, and his contributions in the international arena have been clearly recognized through his receipt of two honorary doctorates - one from Uppsala University in Sweden and the other from the University of Tubingen in Germany. The center he directs, the Center for the Study of Emotion and Attention, has ongoing projects with 19 universities and institutes from 11 different countries.

Michael Gordon, Professor
Levin College of Law
Dr. Gordon’s expertise is in the fields of international business transactions, international trade law, and international litigation and arbitration. His books are both plentiful and influential. He has published scholarly monographs, multivolume treatises for practitioners, and a translation of the Civil Code of Mexico. He has lectured throughout the world, and his vita lists many presentations at some of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions. His comparative research on the activities of multinational corporations and the impact of joint ventures in Mexico and various countries in Eastern Europe led to the United States Department of State sending him to eight countries to present his research. His expertise and reputation has made him a sought after consultant for high profile cases involving the international business activities of several prominent multinational corporations.

Sanford V. Berg, Distinguished Service Professor of Economics & Director of Water Studies
Warrington College of Business
Dr. Berg is a Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of Economics and former Director of Water Studies at the affiliated Public Utility Research Center (PURC). During Dr. Berg’s tenure as PURC Director, he designed and developed an intensive two-week training program for regulators in collaboration with the World Bank. He has incorporated material from that program into undergraduate and graduate courses. The program received the World Bank President’s Award for Excellence in December 2002 and has attracted a world-class international faculty. Dr. Berg’s Cambridge University Press book on Natural Monopoly Regulation: Principles and Practice is used in graduate courses around the world. He is an internationally recognized scholar. As part of a World Bank Team, he helped develop energy regulation in Mexico and Saudi Arabia. In addition, Dr. Berg’s campus teaching record is superb, as he has received awards such as University Teacher/Scholar of the Year, Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher of the Year, the Florida Blue Key’s Distinguished Faculty and the College of Business Outstanding MBA Faculty.

Thomas Tak Wai Chiu, Professor & Associate Chairman
College of Medicine
Dr. Chiu became aware of the need for Chinese pediatric physicians to have access to training and experience in modern neonatal care techniques when he sponsored Dr. Youqiong Qian as visiting faculty in Neonatology in Gainesville and Jacksonville in 1991. The positive experience for both the trainee and trainers formed the basis for an expanded program of exchange between the University of West China, Sichuan Province, and other hospitals and China. In 1992 and 1993 he organized and led a contingent of University of Florida faculty and professional staff to Chengdu and Hong Kong visiting a variety of hospital venues and expanding the subject matter to pediatric renal medicine, as requested by the local hospitals. In addition to medical training, child abuse training was provided to pediatric faculty in Hong Kong and also to the Society of Social Workers, the Hong Kong Pediatric Society, and the Hong Kong Hospital Authority. Prior to 1996 there had never been a paper published by an author from China in a juried professional journal on child abuse. Since then, 21 papers have been published on child abuse, 9 of them authored or co-authored by individuals who trained here. The effect on public policy in the management of child abuse cases in Hong Kong persists to this day.

Marco Salemi, Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
Dr. Salemi joined the faculty of the College of Medicine in January 2004 with a distinguished record of international teaching already in hand. His scholarly work is in epidemiology and virology of HIV/AIDS, and he has a substantial international presence. He combines a pan-global epidemiological research effort with teaching at sites he visits. The teaching is both for the benefit of international researchers in AIDS and the local populace, and as part of his desire to establish and maintain international collaborations. Since 1997, Dr. Salemi has been teacher and co-organizer of the yearly workshop on Virus Epidemiology and Molecular Evolution in collaboration with Prof. Anne-Mieke Vandamme at the University of Leuven. They have trained hundreds of researchers to work with real data sets, including Ph.D. students, postdocs, as well as well-established scientists in the field of molecular biology. In addition, Dr. Salemi co-edited The Phylogenetic Handbook, which is rapidly becoming the reference textbook for the researcher and student in phylogenetic analysis. The first edition was sold out in eight months and a new revised edition is on the way.

Hartmut C. Derendorf, Professor and Chairman
College of Pharmacy
Dr. Derendorf is considered to be one of the world’s experts in the field of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, a field that tries to identify the optimum dosing regimen of new and established drugs. During the last 20 years, Prof. Derendorf has supervised approximately 150 foreign graduate students, post-docs and exchange students from all around the world. He coordinates the very successful Exchange Student program where students come for six-month internships and do research in the labs of various faculty members in the College. These students have become a vital asset to the College. Prof. Deredorf has held Adjunct Appointments at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul ( Brazil) and the University of Muenster ( Germany). The large number of international students recruited by Dr. Derendorf has given the Department of Pharmaceutics and the College of Pharmacy a distinct international flavor. American students have the opportunity to work side by side with these international students and learn from their cultures and backgrounds. Dr. Derendorf also organizes a symposium every other year in Europe titled “New Developments in Clinical Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacology,” also referred to as the “Global Gator Meeting.” These meetings have become a wonderful tradition with high international visibility for the University of Florida.

Marianne C. Schmink, Professor
Center for Latin American Studies
Dr. Schmink’s international endeavors are truly outstanding. She has consolidated an applied, interdisciplinary research and training program on biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the tropics of the Americas that is unique in the world. The Tropical Conservation and Development (TCD) program that she directs within the Center for Latin American Studies is one of the few programs of its kind to successfully link the biophysical and social sciences into a comprehensive program of study, training and research, and the only such program housed in a Latin American Studies Center. Initially developed as a thematic concentration within the Masters of Latin American Studies program, in 2002 TCD became a university-wide interdisciplinary certificate at the masters and doctoral level. In addition, Dr. Schmink has distinguished herself by the mentoring role that she has played at the graduate level. She has served on a total of 171 graduate student committees over her career at UF, with approximately a third of these being international students, and has chaired 56 of these master’s and doctoral committees. Dr. Schmink’s most well-known publication is her 1992 co-authored book, Contested Frontiers in Amazonia (Columbia University Press) which garnered acclaim as one of the best researched and conceptualized studies of the impact of the colonization of the Amazon.

Carol Ann Ash, Eminent Scholar and Professor
College of Nursing
Dr. Ash’s long-standing efforts and contributions in cancer education and prevention are recognized locally and nationally, as well as internationally. Through her efforts at “educating the educators,” she has had far-reaching impact in disseminating critical information and influencing the efforts of cancer nursing care and education around the globe. Her serving as editor of a major international cancer nursing journal has greatly influenced the international nursing community and the people they serve by providing current quality cancer care knowledge. When Dr. Ash joined the University of Florida in 1992, she brought with her the competitive renewal of three consecutive national Cancer Institute R25 cancer education grants. This program of grant-funded workshops for caregivers from developing countries was designed to address the need for cancer nursing care and research in the global community. By the conclusion of the grants in 2002, 140 nurses from 71 developing countries had attended University of Florida grant-sponsored workshops. Evaluation data from these international workshop programs show an increasing awareness of cancer as a preventable disease in the countries served by the grants. In addition, Dr. Ash has a long history as editor of Cancer Nursing: An International Journal of Cancer Care, becoming the editor in 1978. The journal is ranked fifth among all journals of nursing.

Karen Anne Bjorndal, Professor & Program Director
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Dr. Bjorndal has been a faculty member in the Department of Zoology and Director of the Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research at the University of Florida since 1987. She has devoted most of her career to the study of sea turtle biology and to the conservation of these endangered species. She has active collaborations with colleagues in Australia, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Japan, Portugal, and Spain. The productivity of these collaborations is demonstrated by the fact that of her 23 refereed papers since 2000, 15 were co-authored with international colleagues. She has also established and maintains two formal Cooperative Agreements with a university in Portugal and a sea turtle management agency in Brazil. Because international research is an enriching experience for graduate students, it has always been an area of emphasis in Dr. Bjorndal’s program. She also teaches an introductory course in evolution, ecology, and behavior for non-science majors with an enrollment of up to 300 students.

James W. Jones, Professor
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
Dr. Jones is an internationally recognized expert in the area of agricultural and biological systems analysis. The results of Dr. Jones’ almost thirty years of research and development have set the standard in the practice of modeling and management of agricultural and biological systems around the world. Models that he and his colleagues have developed are widely used by researchers in over 50 countries, and are recognized as the pioneering effort of their kind in cropping systems research. An indication of his worldwide reputation is the fact that Dr. Jones’ laboratory and program are highly sought after by international scholars. Twenty-one visiting scientists and post-doctoral associates from Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Europe have been trained in his laboratory over the past 5 years. Furthermore, he has given 38 invited lectures at international meetings and conferences, and agencies and universities around the world in the last five years. Dr. Jones uses his international connections to raise the visibility of the University of Florida’s academic programs throughout the world, and to expose as many students as possible to international opportunities. For example, in Summer 2001 he developed a new two credit graduate course titled “Opportunities and Challenges in the International Agricultural Research Agenda.” This course involved students traveling to Mexico to interact with leading scientists.

Jorge Antonio Hernandez, Associate Professor
College of Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Hernandez’s international education began in 1983 when he received his veterinary degree from the University of Baja California in Mexico. Since then, he has truly become an international academician. Serving as Director of the Office of International Programs since 2003 for the College of Veterinary Medicine, he has been a positive and innovative catalyst to help move the College in an international direction. It was Dr. Hernandez’s leadership that led the College to establish one of the only international offices of its kind for a veterinary college. The office offers courses such as Seminars in International Veterinary Medicine, International Veterinary Medicine, and Spanish for Veterinarians. Serving as a source of knowledge and experience on global environments, Dr. Hernandez has provided our students with an improved perspective and understanding of international veterinary medicine issues, and the important role they can play in students’ careers. He is also a visiting professor for the University of Yucatan College of Veterinary Medicine.

P.K. Nair, Professor
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
Dr. Nair came to the UF School of Forest Resources and Conservation in 1987 as an internationally prominent researcher in the emerging field of Agroforestry. He quickly networked with faculty in several departments and designed an interdisciplinary graduate program in Agroforestry, which was approved by the Graduate School for a “Specialization in Agroforestry” within the School of Forest Resources and Conservation. Due to his outstanding international reputation, he has always attracted high quality graduate students to his program, to the school, and to other departments at the University of Florida. Most of Dr. Nair’s students are awarded full sponsorship by their parent country or employer in order to have the opportunity to study with him. His mentoring of graduate students involves an engaged style that is stimulating, challenging, and caring. Since most projects are in developing countries, Dr. Nair works with his students to overcome the obstacles of implementing research in these extremely challenging conditions. He has undertaken professional travel to over 100 countries, especially developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. His appreciation for diverse cultures is key to his success and to the success of his graduate students. Furthermore, Dr. Nair organized the First World Congress of Agroforestry held in 2004 in Florida with UF as the prime sponsor. Over 500 participants from 82 countries attended this event.

Robert S. McCarter, Professor
College of Design, Construction and Planning
Professor McCarter has been very active and committed to international education since he first joined the faculty of the College of Design, Construction and Planning thirteen years ago. During his term as Director of the School of Architecture, Professor McCarter gave international programs a very high priority and encouraged faculty and students to seek experiences on a global basis. He worked closely with former Dean, Wayne Drummond, to reopen and then reinvigorate the Vicenza Institute of Agriculture. Since 1992 the program has involved over 800 architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design students and several faculty from the entire college. The students not only have the experience of living in a World Monument Preservation Landmark City, but also do extensive tours of other major locales. It is important to note that Professor McCarter has participated in the program not only as an administrator, but as an instructor on several occasions. Moreover, he has also used the program as a base for conducting continuing education study tours on the “Works of Carlo Scarpa.”

Heather J. Gibson, Associate Professor
College of Health and Human Performance
As a former international student herself, Dr. Gibson has always felt that it is important to incorporate international issues into her classes and to strive to be a member of the international community of leisure and recreation scholars. Her reputation as a sport tourism researcher comes from her masters and doctoral work on tourist roles over the life span. As the study and practice of sport tourism has risen in prominence since the mid-1990s, so has the attention given to her work in this area. She is always known internationally for her work on leisure and tourism later in life, particularly for women. In this regard, she has been collaborating with a faculty member at the University of Gloucestershire in the UK since 1998 on a study of women who travel solo. Dr. Gibson is a member of the research team for the Global Aging Initiative housed at Indiana University. This team has been collecting data with the goal of identifying factors that contribute to successful aging in people around the world. In teaching tourism, she encourages students to travel internationally to encourage a global perspective. Acting as the International Coordinator for her department, Dr. Gibson helps students learn more about study abroad and exchange programs.

Randolph Stephen Duran, Associate Professor
University Honors Program
Dr. Duran has worked closely with Honors in a number of capacities and has been especially helpful on international issues. It was his inspiration to propose a “European Scholars Program” that will send a couple of our best students to Stasbourg where they will have access to institutions of the European Union or participation in a science lab. He has also been energetic in his support of the US/France Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) initiative which takes undergraduate chemistry majors to France to study in labs after having a research summer at UF. To accomplish this, he has made several successful grant proposals to the National Science Foundation and also received matching funds from the French Ministry of Research. This program also allows a number of French students to come to Gainesville each summer to study at UF. Dr. Duran is always busy finding ways in which French and American students in the program can interact and learn from each other. His is an international scholar who, in his research, provides numerous examples of collaboration with international scholars.