Exchange Visitor Newsletter - November 2013

UF Homecoming – Begins Friday, November 8th

Homecoming is a U.S. tradition where a university welcomes back the alumni (former students) to the school.  Many UF Gators will come back to Gainesville during this weekend to participate in a big parade on University Avenue, enjoy a tailgating BBQ, and to see the football game.  

Even if you cannot make it to the football game, we would encourage international visitors to go see the parade held on November 8th, beginning at Noon.  This year is the 90th anniversery of the Homecoming Parade; it will have over one-hundred floats and organizations.  There will be music, dancing, and a lot of exciting things that reflect American and UF culture.  The parade takes place all along University Avenue, from in front of the US campus near NW 17th Street all the way to downtown.  You should bring lawn chairs and arrive early if you want a good spot.

In addition to the parade, the tailgating BBQ is a great way to experience American sports culture and southern culture.  Homecoming tailgating events are huge, and they often will have UF graduates coming from all over the country, often in massive moterhomes.  Many vehicles will park together, and open their tailgates, which are the back part of a truck or SUV, to hold coolers full of food and drinks.  Many people will even bring grills and cook their own food, but the Homecoming tailgate will have professionally catered food as well.  The tailgate will take place on Saturday, November 9th.  It costs $10 to get in, but you will be able to eat southern-style BBQ and enjoy live performances and entertainment.  Tickets can be purchased here:

Downtown Festival & Art Show – November 15-17th

Located all throughout downtown Gainesville, this will be a festival with live music, food, and art.  On the night of the 15th there will be a free blues concert downtown, followed by different types of live music all throughout the weekend at the Bo Diddley Plaza, which is located in the heart of downtown Gainesville.  The festival will have art on display and on sale, and there will be an “Imagination Station” for children to create their own art such as sidewalk chalk, puppets, and clay sculpting.  Children can also enjoy performances that include puppet shows, magic acts, and music for children.  The festival will have many different food booths featuring different foods from all over the world, as well as regional specialties from local Gainesville restaurants. 

Scholar Spotlights

Are you interested in telling EVS about your research as well as your life in Gainesville and at UF?  We are interested in interviewing J1 Scholars and J1 Student Interns about what you do here at UF.  After we interview you, we will create a Scholar Spotlight that will be published on UFIC’s website.  We also would encourage you to have the spotlight posted on your department or college’s website as well.