UF in China

The rise of China as a major global economic and political power has been accompanied by the rapid development of China’s academic engagement with the rest of the world.  As a university with global reach and engagement, The University of Florida has developed deep and numerous ties with partner academic institutions in China. The UF International Center is happy to help and facilitate the development and strengthening of ties with Chinese institutions.

UFIC is able to help in engagement with China in five major areas:

  • Offering an intensive study abroad program to UF students, in the format of a 13 week summer course which enables UF students to fulfill their language requirement in one summer.
  • Helping to recruit international students from China to the UF campus.
  • Providing information to UF students about opportunities to study/research in China, especially when scholarships are offered by the Chinese government.
  • Developing cooperative agreements and student exchanges with partner institutions.
  • Provide information on opportunities for UF faculty to conduct teaching or/and research in China.