Advisory on Embargoed Countries

DDD---Advisory On State of Florida Restrictions On Funding Travel Costs Relating To Countries Designated By The U.S. Government as Embargoed Countries (Currently Crimea, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria and North Korea).

Due to recent State of Florida law developments, members of the UF community who will be traveling to any “embargoed country” must contact Dean Leonardo A. Villalón at the UF International Center before:

  • departing, or
  • committing to payments or paying for travel or travel-related costs with funds from any source (federal, private, state or other) that pass through any UF account (including at the UF Foundation).

The embargoed countries are designated as countries for which US export regulations restrict import and exports to certain destinations without proper US Government authorization. Currently, they are Crimea, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria and North Korea.

Federal and state law impose restrictions on activities and travel involving these countries.  A state statute prohibits use of any funding (from any source—federal, private, state or other) that passes through any UF account (including the UF Foundation) for travel and travel-related costs to or in embargoed countries.  Dean Villalón seeks to assist members of the UF community to avoid problems and personal expense under these laws, while achieving their work objectives if possible.