UFIC Scholarships & Awards

In a effort to promote the internationalization process of the University of Florida, UFIC has established the following scholarships and awards for students, faculty, and staff:

International Student Awards

These awards are presented to students during the International Student Academic Awards Ceremony once a year.

  • Alec Courtelis Award
    Louise Courtelis co-founded Town and Country Farms in McIntosh, which became the largest Arabian horse-racing facility in the United States. She has taught at Notre Dame Academy for Girls and Coral Gables High School. Courtelis has served as director of the Arabian Racing Publishing Company, Hospice of North Central Florida, the United Way and James Madison Institute. She graduated from the University of Miami with a bachelors degree in education. Louise Courtelis has been a volunteer and fundraiser for a variety of causes. She served as a member of the University of Florida Board of Trustees and is a major supporter of the University of Florida. In 1996, Louise Courtelis established the Alec Courtelis Award in honor of her late husband, a well-known financier and former Chairman of the Board of Regents.
    Students are nominated by the colleges and departments based on academic excellence and outstanding contributions to the university community. A wall plaque inscribed with the names of the award recipients is located in the University of Florida International Center in the Hub. To make a contribution to this award, please click here.
  • Diane Fisher Award
    UFIC has established two scholarships to be given to two undergraduate international students for outstanding service. This scholarship is given in honor of Diane Fisher who passed away in October 2003.  Diane Fisher, an Admissions Document Specialist was an employee of UF for 15 years.  She worked closely with departments and students to ensure proper and timely processing of student documents.  She was an individual who always gave more than was required of her. 

International Student Scholarships

  • UFIC International Student Emergency Hardship Scholarship
    The UFIC has established a scholarship for international students experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties that are beyond their control. 
  • Scarborough Scholarship
    The Scarborough agency established this award to show appreciation for the opportunity to work with international students at the University of Florida.
  • Scarborough-Maud Fraser Scholarship
    The Scarborough agency established this award to show appreciation for the outstanding service provided by the International Student Services Staff. The Award will be given in Honor of Mrs. Maud Fraser, who provided outstanding service to international students for 13 years. Mrs. Fraser retired June 30, 2010.
  • Marilyn Little Scholarship
    The International Committee of Altrusa International of Gainesville annually offers the Marilyn Little Scholarship to International students in their fourth year of undergraduate studies or in graduate school studies with a major of particular need in their home country.
    Marilyn Little was an active member of Altrusa International of Gainesville and specifically the International Committee. She died in 1996. Marilyn provided financial assistance for a Russian teenager in 1994 who needed medical attention and was brought to Gainesville for treatment. She was very interested in helping international students in any way possible. After her death, Altrusa decided to name a scholarship in her honor.

Study Abroad Scholarships

UFIC Summer, Semester and Academic Year Scholarships

To apply for any of the UFIC scholarships below, please click here.

  • The Daniel Sinclair Bredahl Scholarships - These scholarships are awarded annually to UF undergraduates on the basis of a demonstrated interest in international study, appropriateness of the chosen program to the student’s long-term goals and financial need. Awards are given for fall semester or academic year programs. Please click the here to read more about the history of this scholarship. To be eligible for an award, students must be studying abroad for at least 90 days. There is one Academic Year scholarship for $ 4000,  three Fall semester scholarships for $ 2000 each and one Spring semester scholarship for $ 2000.  

  • The Sones Scholarship - The Sones Scholarship for study in France is made possible by a generous gift from Dr. Peter Sones and Mrs. Lindsey Sones. The aim of this scholarship is to provide an opportunity for UF students to earn academic credit towards their degree in an environment which also provides immersion in French culture and/or language. This unique scholarship is open to UF undergraduates a minimum of 2.5 GPA who seek to undertake courses in their major or minor thru study abroad in France on a UF approved, credit-bearing, exchange, or provider semester program. Students who elect to participate in a credit-bearing research project in a French institute are also eligible to apply. Selected Sones Scholars will be awarded up to $5,000. Students applying for eligible summer programs in France can apply for Sones awards up to $2,500.

  • UF International Center Scholarships– These scholarships are given to students studying for a semester or academic year on either a UF Sponsored or UF Approved program. Students are selected based on their academic performance and extracurricular activities at UF. Students applying for Fall/Spring must be studying abroad for at least 90 days. Academic Year Scholarships are for $2,000 while semester scholarships are for $1,000.

  • UFIC Summer Scholarships – These scholarships are given to students who are attending UF Sponsored summer programs. A faculty review committee selects awardees based on their academic performance and extracurricular activities at UF. Summer scholarships award $ 1,000 each.

  •  UFIC Summer Merit Scholarships - These scholarships are awarded to students with a minimum of 3.5 GPA and are attending UF Sponsored or UF Approved Summer programs. Each of the scholarships is for $1000.

  •  Wentworth Honors Scholarships – These scholarships are designated for Honors students. Each of the scholarships is for $1000.

  •  Irene Phillips Alliance Scholarships– These scholarships were established in memory of Irene Phillips, the mother of Paul Phillips, who serve on the External Advisory Board of the UF International Center. The scholarships are designated specifically for Alliance Scholars. The number and amount of awards vary. These scholarships are available for both the summer and semester terms.
  • Learning without Borders Study Abroad Scholarship - The UF International Center is pleased to announce the Learning without Borders Study Abroad Scholarship. These scholarships are part of a broader initiative to increase study abroad opportunities for undergraduate students. Scholarships will be awarded to students who are Pell Grant recipients attending UF Sponsored summer programs. To be considered, eligible students should select “Pell Grant recipient” in the drop-down menu within the UFIC Summer Scholarship application. A review committee selects awardees based on their academic performance and extracurricular activities at UF. The summer 2015 scholarship award is $3,000 each.

Faculty and Staff Awards

  • Internationalizing the Curriculum Awards
    As part of the continuing effort to meet UF's strategic goal of internationalizing the campus and curriculum, the UF International Center (UFIC) grants awards of $3000 to UF faculty for proposals that add international components to an existing course or create new courses with substantial international content. The awards are granted annually. The next competition will be held Fall, 2009. Guidelines and Format for 2009 will be posted in August. This program is currently under review. No awards are available at this time. Please check back for future announcements.
  • International Educator Awards
    Beginning in 2004, an award to recognize outstanding international endeavors by UF faculty members and to encourage UF faculty to pursue international activities was created. Subsequently, a new award was created for faculty in junior ranks and in 2010 a new award was added to recognize the many contributions of staff to our campus internationalization priorities. I write today to invite nominations from all colleges across campus for each of these awards in recognition of outstanding contributions to the internationalization of the campus.
    Details follow:
    • Faculty: Each college is asked to submit nominations for the two faculty International Educator of the Year Awards by October 21, 2011. Colleges are asked to make nominations for two awards-one for junior faculty (untenured or newly tenured) and one for senior faculty. IFAS, CLAS and the College of Medicine may nominate two people in both categories because of the relatively larger size of those colleges. The winner of each of these two awards will receive $2,000.
    • Staff: The staff award recognizes the important contributions of University of Florida staff to the internationalization priorities of the campus. This new award, first made in 2010, is intended to recognize the essential role of UF staff in furthering campus internationalization priorities. Anyone may nominate a staff member from any unit on campus for this award following the criteria and process described below. Up to two awards may be made in the staff category. The awardees, if more than one, will share equally the $2000 set aside for the staff award(s). [NOTE: Staff members of the UF International Center are not eligible for the staff award.

UFIC Annual Global Culture Photography Competition

  • The University of Florida International Center invite students, faculty, staff and alumni to enter the UFIC Annual Global Culture Photography Competition. There are four categories. Each entrant may submit up to two prints in only one chosen category. All photographs must portray the theme "Global Culture." An exhibition of all winning photos will be mounted in early Spring semester. All winning entries will become the property of the International Center, with appropriate acknowledgement of the photographers.