Emergency Contact Information

All registering students are required to enter their emergency contact information in myUFL to register for classes. To meet this requirement, all students will have an Emergency Contact Hold in ISIS. This hold will be cleared the next time there is action on the system by the student. This means after the student has successfully entered the information, the student must log out. The next time the student logs in, the hold will be automatically cleared.

To enter or update your emergency contact information:

  1. Go to my.ufl.edu
  2. Sign in using your Gatorlink Username and Password
  3. Click on My Account
  4. Click on Update Emergency Contact
  5. The emergency contact information page will open. It includes 3 different types of addresses: Work Location, Local Home Street Address, and Emergency Contact Information. The Work Location and the Local Home Street Address cannot be PO boxes. They must be an actual physical location. Make sure you enter your street address in the "Address Line 3" box of each section.
  6. Click "submit" to process your information.

For the Emergency Contact Information, it is highly recommended to report a person that can be reached immediately. This person should be able to contact you, family members or individuals located outside the US when necessary.

For all these addresses it is very important to include the cell phone numbers associated with each one. The UF Emergency team will send text messages in the case of an emergency situation.