Inviting a J-1 Scholar

  1. The Faculty Sponsor fills out a Sponsor Invitation Form for Department Contact to initiate the invitation process of a J-1 scholar.
  2. Host Department generates Exchange Visitor’s Invitation Letter for J program:
    • Host Department should use the UF funding letter template if the exchange visitor is being paid by UF (If there are multiple funding sources but one is UF funding, please use this letter and alter the text accordingly)
    • Host Department should use the J-1 letter of invitation template if the exchange visitor is being paid through private or outside funding sources
  3. Host Department emails prospective exchange visitor the Exchange Visitor’s Invitation Letter, notifies prospective visitor of the requirement to pay the $100 processing fee for the exchange visitor and all dependents (spouse and/or children under age 21 only) who will be coming to the US on J-2 visas, provides the link for payment, and requests the required information and documentation, including the receipt for payment of the applicable processing fee. Please use email template.
  4. Host Department assigns the exchange visitor a UFID number. Exchange visitors who will not be paid by UF must be identified as Departmental Associates.
  5. Host Department receives the electronic version of the Exchange Visitor DS-2019 Request Form from the prospective exchange visitor via email and completes the DS-2019 Request Form section (pages R2 and R3), prints it and obtains the required signatures.
  6. Host Department electronically submits completed EV DS-2019 Request Form to EVS ( with supporting documents as attachments, no later than 60 days before the start date of the J program. Complete packets submitted less than 60 days prior to the start of the program will be subject to change of the program start date.
    Please review the DS-2019 Request packet prior to submission to EVS to make sure it includes the following (click here for a printable checklist):
  • Verification of English language proficiency. Any of the following is acceptable proof of proficiency:
    • Citizen of a country where English is an official language
    • Transcript evidence that the exchange visitor attended university for at least one year in a country where English is an official language. Click here for the list of countries.
    •  Official test of English language proficiency with scores as follows:
      • IELTS: 6.0 overall
      • MELAB: 77
      • TOEFL iBT: 80
      • TOEFL PBT: 550
      • Verbal GRE (scores from tests taken before 1 August 2011): 320
      • Verbal GRE (scores from tests taken 1 August 2011 onward): 140
    • Live SKYPE or similar interview with faculty sponsor to determine that EV’s English proficiency is sufficient to perform their jobs or complete their academic programs, to navigate daily life in the United States, to read and comprehend program materials, to understand fully their responsibilities, rights and protections, and to know how to obtain assistance, if necessary. If interview is conducted, this can be noted on page R-3 of the DS-2019 Request form (check box).
  • Verification of funding (in English with amounts posted in US dollars)
  • Curriculum vitae or resume (In English)
  • Copy of J Program invitation letter (signed by exchange visitor)
  • Copy of scholar's biodata page of a current passport and any dependents (if applicable)
  • Copy of the receipt indicating payment of the EVS processing fee of USD $100 for each original DS2019 form to be issued.

    The EVS processing fee is an administrative fee charged by the Exchange Visitor Services (EVS) unit at the UF International Center. This fee does not cover the SEVIS I-901 fee or any visa related costs. The EVS fee is administered by the UF Conference Department. Once the EVS fee is paid online the applicant will receive a receipt confirmation of payment to be included in the DS-2019 Request Packet.

    Applicants SHOULD NOT pay this fee until the UF department formally invites them. The applicant should go to the EVS processing fee payment page and pay $100 per DS-2019 requested; meaning an applicant with two requested J-2 dependents will pay $300 in total ($100 for the primary J-1 and $200 for the two J-2 dependents). A third party may pay the EVS processing fee such as the UF host department, parent, spouse, foreign institution, etc. however the fee is the ultimate responsibility of the applicant. EVS can refund processing fees only prior to processing the submitted request for the DS-2019/s. If EVS issues a DS-2019/s and an applicant later decides they do not want to attend the UF program, or an included J-2 dependent will not accompany the primary J-1, or the applicant’s or dependent’s visa application was denied - EVS cannot refund the fee. There may be certain situations outside of our normal refund parameters for which a refund may be granted. Refund requests can be sent to EVS Director Scott Davis at Please do not contact the UF Conference Department with any J status or DS-2019 processing questions.

  • Copy of Diploma with English translation attached or an unofficial transcript (if you do not possess a professional degree)
  • Federal Express or DHL way bill (completed) if Department requests EVS to send the DS-2019 directly to the Exchange Visitor.
  • Supplemental Dependent Form (If applicable)
  1. Host Department receives a copy of DS2019 form and notification (via email) that DS-2019 pre-arrival packet has been prepared.
  2. Host Department sends exchange visitor the DS-2019 pre-arrival packet (Unless EVS has received a prepaid waybill to send packet directly to exchange visitor.)
  3. Host Department must notify EVS if the exchange visitor cannot arrive by the initial start date on the DS2019 and provide updated arrival information to EVS.