VISA process & Entry in the US

Once you have the admission letter and DS-2019, you may proceed with scheduling the visa appointment.  Note: The admission letter will be mailed to you directly from either the academic department (graduate students) or the Office of Admissions (undergraduate students).  ISS does not mail admission letters.

You should not schedule your visa appointment until after you receive the DS-2019.  If you do so, you will need to cancel or reschedule your appointment if you do not receive the DS-2019 on time.  Setting a visa appointment ahead of time will not be considered an urgent reason to speed up your DS-2019. We will treat all students equally throughout the DS-2019 process.  Be sure to have all required documents in order before attending the visa appointment.  For any questions directly related to the student visa application, please contact the United States Embassy or Consulate near you.

  • Canadian students: are not required to obtain a visa but need to receive a stamp on the DS-2019 to verify J-1 status at the United States Port of Entry. Contact your local United States Embassy or Consulate for details.
  • Visa Waiver students: those students from countries that a Visa Waiver agreement with the US do need to fill out an I-94 arrival/departure form for valid J-1 student status.