Fulbright - International Students

Fulbright students come to the University of Florida from abroad to pursue their educational goals. They apply in their home country, and their entry arrangements are supervised by AMIDEAST, IIE, and LASPAU. International students should consult these websites for information about the application process from abroad:

Notification of award to an international Fulbright student is sent by AMIDEAST, IIE and LASPAU to Ms. Debra Anderson, Coordinator, International Student Services.

All international Fulbright students must check-in at the University of Florida International Center through the International Student Services office located in 1765 Stadium Road, Suit 170 Hub, with Ms. Debra Anderson.

The UF Graduate School coordinates the placement of International Fulbright students at UF. Visit Fulbright Award Package FAQ page for information or contact Matt Mitterko, Coordinator of International Student Enrollment.

What’s New

Recently, UF has instituted the Fulbright non-resident tuition waiver procedure for prospective student outside Latin America and the Caribbean. For more information, click here.