Visiting (non-U.S.) Fulbright Scholars

Visiting (non-U.S.) Scholars come to the University of Florida from abroad to pursue their educational and professional goals. They apply in their home country, and their entry arrangements are supervised by CIES andother affiliated Fulbright programs.

International scholars should consult the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) website for information about how to find a sponsor in a U.S. university. Departments wishing to sponsor a visiting (non-U.S.) scholars, should also consult CIES.

Notification of award to a visiting (non-U.S.) Fulbright scholar is sent by CIES to Adam Greenfield with a copy to the UF faculty sponsor. Sponsoring departments serve as hosts to the visiting scholars. All visiting (non-U.S.) scholars must check in at the University of Florida International Center through the Exchange Visitor Services, 190 Hub.

Please click HERE to access to the International Fulbright Online Orientation.

UFIC invites the visiting (non-U.S.) scholars to an annual Spring Fulbright Reception.