Learning Objectives

Learning objectives below were adapted from the Global Health competency model developed by the Association of Schools of Public Health (http://www.asph.org/document.cfm?page=1084). These competencies were designed to supplement the core competencies for the Master in Public Health. We have adapted these competencies to reflect that students will be coming from other disciplines and programs. As such, the level of professional expertise is somewhat lower than a full graduate concentration in public health. It also emphasizes broader disciplinary perspectives on global health threats.

  • Understand the basic causes of key global health threats
  • Understand how social, economic, environmental, and demographic factors affect the distribution of global health threats and their solution
  • Apply equity, gender, and rights based approaches to understanding the health needs of marginalized or vulnerable groups
  • Identify and assess diverse approaches to addressing global health threats
  • Apply public health and other disciplinary methods to understand and characterize global health problems and solutions
  • Describe the role that professional skills and conduct play in the success of global health education, research and/or service

Evaluation of learning objectives

Completion of the coursework will ensure that students meet the learning objectives, as courses have been specifically selected for inclusion in the certificate based on their ability to facilitate students’ mastery of these learning objectives.  Completion of course requirements will be evidenced by a passing grade in all certificate classes and an overall GPA of 3.0 for the certificate.