International Student Admissions

ISS is responsible for processing the forms that international students need in order to apply for the appropriate student visa required to study in the United States. Students applying for the F-1 student visa need the Form I-20. Students applying for the J-1 student visa need the Form DS-2019.

The I-20 Preparation Process

This outline is designed to help give UF departments a basic understanding of the I-20 and DS-2019 preparation process for admitted international students. The process is very semilar for both forms. The following explanation is for the I-20 process but it applies to the DS-2019 process. We will determine what form to issue once we communicate with the student.

The I-20 will be generated once the following steps are completed: 

  1. Student is admitted in the university records system
  2. Academic department requests I-20 in GIMS
  3. ISS requests CFR/financial proof from the student
  4. ISS requests the Student Form from the student. 

We will process an I-20 or DS-2019 only for students who have been officially admitted by the university in student records (NERDC/ISIS). The student will receive email notifications throughout the I-20 process.  Once all documents are received, ISS will issue the I-20. Once it is ready for shipping, the student will receive an email giving the DHL express tracking number.  Student can generally expect to receive the I-20 within 3 to 5 business days from the receipt of the tracking number. If a department contact person has requested to pick up the I-20 from UFIC, they will receive an email notification stating the I-20 is ready.

For more detailed information about the I-20 process, please click here.