I-20 Request in GIMS

This outline is designed to help UF departments make an I-20 request for international students in Graduate Information Management System (GIMS). UF Departments must use GIMS to inform UFIC of an international graduate student’s UF sponsored financial awards and request that an I-20 be issued for the student.  The UFIC GIMS tab is located on the Main Menu of GIMS or you can click here to access GIMS.

Step 1 - Verifying information for an international student in student records

  • Correct UFID, Name, Birth Date
  • Application status is “ADMITTED”, Admission Term is correct
  • Residency Status is “A” and Nationality is not “US”
  • Correct College Classification, Major and Degree Level



Step 2 – Entering UF sponsored financial awards for international graduate student in GIMS

UF Departments can use GIMS to inform UFIC of a graduate student’s UF sponsored financial awards at the time the I-20 request is being made.

  • Assistantships, Fellowships or Assistantship/Fellowship Combinations:
    For students who will receive an Assistantship, Fellowship, Assistantship/Fellowship combinations, the department should select the award type from the drop down menu, enter the stipend amount only and select the term(s) that the award will be offered.


  • Achievement Awards:
    For engineering students who will receive an Achievement Award, the department should select “Yes” in the drop down menu next to Achievement Award. This option will only appear for engineering students.


  • Latin American Scholarships:
    For students who will receive a Latin American Scholarship, the department should enter the award amount per semester and LAS in the box next to “Total amount of stipend(s) for the first year”. The minimum amount allowed per semester is $500.00.


Step 3 – Requesting that a department contact person pick up the I-20 once it is ready (OPTIONAL)

UF Departments have the option to pick up the I-20s and mail it directly to the students. This step is optional. If the department would like to pick up the I-20, the name, phone number and email of a department contact person should be provided in GIMS. Once the I-20 is ready, the contact indicated in GIMS will be notified.
If the department does not wish to pick up the I-20 and mail it to the student, UFIC will send the I-20 directly to the student via express mail if the student is outside of the United States or US postal mail if the student is inside of the United States.

Step 4 – Requesting the I-20

  • To make the I-20 request, the box next to “Please issue I-20/DS-2019” must be checked.

  • To finalize the request, click “Submit”.


Important Considerations

Departments should consider the following points when requesting an I-20 in GIMS:

  • Departments can only request I-20s for students admitted to their department
  • Students admitted to more than one department must choose which major to pursue and it must be reflected in student records, as the I-20 can be issued for only one major
  • I-20s can be requested only one time in GIMS; for any changes, deferred students or re-admitted students please contact the student's International Student Advisor to provide the student’s UFID, name, readmission letter/approval form (specifying readmission semester), and provide any relevant information regarding financial awards [achievement award, assistantship/fellowship (specifying stipend amount), etc.].