International Student Holds

By federal and state regulations, International Student Services is required to track the enrollment and the health insurance on every international student.

Drop-Add Hold

International students are only allowed to reduce the course load (RCL) which would allow them to drop below the required full-time registration one time in their degree program (with the exceptionof a medical RCL). The drop/add process was implemented in order to advise students of the consequences of dropping below the required registrations which puts the student out of status.

The department must provide the student with a form that list the course number for the classes the student wishes to drop. No phone calls to implement this procedure are accepted.

FULL TIME REQUIREMENTS Undergraduate Students*** Graduate Students***
Fall/Spring Semesters* 12 credits each 9 credits each
Summer C** 12 credits (or 6 credits Summer A and B each) 6 credits (or 3 credits Summer A and B each)
Summer B** 6 credits 3 credits

* Students must be registered full time each Fall and Spring semester
** If a student is admitted in a Summer A, B or C semester, the student must be registered full time in the summer in which he/she is admitted. Future summers do not require full time registration.

NOTE: If the student is in his/her FINAL GRADUATING SEMESTER, he/she is automatically allowed to register less than full time as indicated in the table below. No special authorization is required in this situation. 

Final Semester Minimum Registration Requirements Undergraduate Students Graduate Students
Fall 1 credit 3 credits
Spring 1 credit 3 credits
Summer 1 credit 2 credits

Insurance Hold

This hold is placed on every students record to ensure a student has the appropiate insurance coverage before course registration. As of August 14 th, 2008 the Florida State University System’s Board of Governors requires that all international students have health coverage during the entire year, including annual breaks. (For insurance information, click here).