Social Security Numbers for International Students

International students are not eligible for a social security number unless the student receives an assistantship, fellowship or on-campus employment.

All international students can work only 20 hours per week on appointment or other on-campus employment. Students are allowed to work over 20 hours a week during vacation terms and breaks.

Any student who has been able to obtain a job or appointment on campus will be required to apply for a SSN. The department must provide the student with an appointment or offer letter for the assistantship, fellowship or on-campus employment which the student must take to UFIC. We will provide the student with a student verification letter.

The student must take these two letters along with their passport, visa, I-94 card and "continued attendance" I-20 to the Social Security Administration.

New students may not apply until they have been in the country at least 10 days.

NOTE: Sending the students to the SSA before the 10 day period has passed, will only serve to delay the SSN process.