UF Colleges & Departments

The staff of International Student Services is dedicated to provide outstanding service to the departments, faculty, staff and students of the University of Florida.  We are here to assist university departments in the processes of bringing international students to UF once they are admitted, and guiding them in helping their students through the complex immigration process.

SEVIS Recertification

In a 2-year recertification cycle, the University of Florida receives authorization by SEVP for attendance by nonimmigrant students, using the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). ISS depends on the collaboration from colleges, departments, and the main administration to timely report to SEVP any change about the University of Florida.

UF is required to immediately report through SEVIS any change such as:

  • Approval for attendance of students
  • Name of school system
  • Name of main campus
  • Mailing address of the school
  • Location of the school
  • School type
  • Public/private school indicator
  • Private school owner name
  • The school is engaged in
  • The school operates under the following Federal, State, Local or other authorization
  • The school has been approved by the following national, regional, or state accrediting association or agency
  • Areas of study
  • Degrees available from the school
  • If the school is engaged in elementary or secondary education
  • If the school is engaged in higher education
  • If the school is engaged in vocational or technical education
  • If the school is engaged in English language training
  • Adding or deleting campuses (or site of instruction)
  • Campus name
  • Campus mailing address
  • Campus location address

Adding a Campus or Site of Instruction

A campus or site of instruction must be added to the University of Florida and reported to SEVP, when the instructional site either:

  • Meets the U.S. Department of Education definition of a branch campus:
    • Is permanent
    • Offers courses in educational programs leading to a degree, certificate, or other recognized educational credential
    • Has faculty and administrative or supervisory organization, and
    • Has budgetary and hiring authority


  • Meets most but not all of the branch campus requirements (e.g. All records are centrally stored), or
  • A student could complete more than 51% of their program requirements at that location

IMPORTANT: These additional locations must have a desiganted school official (DSO) who can physically verify the presence of international students and assist them when necessary.

Designated School Officials

The University of Florida is allowed to have up to 10 designated school officials (DSO) at any one time per campus, including a Principal Designated School Official (PDSO). A PDSO/DSO means a regularly employed member of the school administration whose office is located at the school and whose compensation does not come from commissions for recruitment of foreign students. The PDSO and the DSOs may not delegate their designation to any other person.

All PDSO/DSOs certify to be familiar with the Service regulations relating to the requirements for admission and maintenance of status of nonimmigrant students, change of nonimmigrant status, and school approval, and affirm his/her intent to comply with these regulations. The PDSO is responsible for updating SEVIS to reflect the addition or deletion of any DSO on his or her associated campus. SEVP will use the PDSO as the point of contact on any issues that relate to the school's compliance with the regulations, as well as any system alerts generated by SEVIS. SEVP may also designate certain functions in SEVIS for use by the PDSO only. The PDSO of the main campus is the only DSO authorized to submit a Form I-17 for recertification. The PDSO and DSO share the same responsibilities in all other respects.