I-20 Extension

The I-20 Extension is intended for F-1 students who are not able to complete all degree requirements to graduate by the program end date listed on the I-20 Form (item #5).  You can request an extension to obtain more time for completion of the degree.  Instructions for how to submit the extension request are outlined below.  Your International Student Advisor (ISA) will inform you by email when the I-20 extension has been processed.

I-20 Extension Eligibility Guidelines:

  • You must have continually maintained legal status
  • The extension request must be supported by “compelling academic or medical reasons”
  • The application for extension must be submitted to ISS within a 90-day period prior to the expiration of the current I-20.
  • Extensions are granted for a maximum of one year at a time.  If additional time is needed, a second request may be submitted at a future date.
  • F-2 dependent extensions are granted at the same time as extensions for the primary F-1.

To request an I-20 Extension, please submit the following:

  • I-20 Extension Request, signed by you
  • Academic Advisor’s Recommendation for Extension, signed by your Academic Advisor
  • Proof of Financial Support for the period of the extension, see Financial Support Guidelines for additional information.

The extension request may be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • At the UFIC front desk in 170 HUB or
  • By email/fax to your ISA  


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