Finding Your Way Around Gainesville

Gainesville's original settlers planned the town in a grid pattern that makes it relatively easy to find one's way around the city. The center of the grid is the intersection of University Avenue and Main Street. Streets run parallel to Main Street in a north-south direction. Avenues run parallel to University Avenue in an east-west direction. An easy way to remember east-west routes is to remember the word "APRIL," since the letters in that word (except "I") represent a route which runs in an east-west direction. Avenues,"A"; Place, "P"; Roads, "R"; Lanes,"L". Routes running north-south are streets, ways, drives, and terraces (SWDT).

The city is divided into four quadrants: northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast. Since the University is south of University Avenue and west of Main Street, it is located in the southwest section of Gainesville. Although the University of Florida extends beyond Gainesville, the main campus may be found between the boundaries of West University Avenue, SW 13th Street, Archer Road, and SW 34th Street. Streets and avenues are usually numbered. The lower the number, the closer the street is to the center of the grid. House numbers indicate the street and avenue on which the house can be found. For example, "1608 NW 2nd Avenue" would be found two blocks north of University Avenue (on 2nd Avenue), between 16th and 17th streets. When writing down an address, be certain to indicate whether it is NW, NE, SW, or SE and to include its designation, whether street, avenue, place, terrace, etc. Otherwise, there would be 4 different quadrants in which that address could be located, and it would be difficult to find the address. Most bookstores, gasoline stations, and rental car agencies sell maps of Gainesville and the state of Florida. The ISS can give you a city bus schedule which has a small map of the city, and which shows the bus routes.