Appendix B - Handbook Abbreviations

ACT American College Testing Program
APRIL Avenues, Places, Roads, Lanes
APT Advanced Placement Tests
BACCHUS Boost Alcohol Consciousness and Health of University Students
CLAST College Level Academic Skills Test
D/S Duration of Status
ETS Educational Testing Service
GMAT Graduate Management Admissions Test
GPA Grade Point Average
GRE Graduate Record Examination
ID Identification
INS Immigration Naturalization Service
IRS Internal Revenue Service
JWRU J. Wayne Reitz Union
LSAT Law School Admission
MBA Masters in Business Administration
MCAT Medical College Admissions Test
NW Northwest
NE Northeast
PLUS Physically Limited University
SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test
SOTA Students Over the Traditional Age
SE Southeast
SW Southwest
SWDT Streets, Ways, Drives, Terraces
TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language
TSE Test of Spoken English
UF University of Florida
UFIC University of Florida International Center
UPD University Police Department