Insurance coverage for F-1 and J-1 students is mandatory . While proof of insurance is not mandatory for dependents of F-1 students, it is STRONGLY recommended that they also be insured as there is no medical assistance for international students or their family.

Insurance for both J-1 students AND their J-2 dependents is a federal requirement. It is each student’s responsibility to maintain valid health insurance at all times. The Code of Federal Regulations states that if J-1 students and the J-2 dependents do not have Health and Accident Insurance coverage, the student’s program and visa status will be terminated.

The Florida State University System’s Board of Governors (BOG) requires that all international students have health coverage during the entire year, including annual breaks. Only students graduating in a given semester may purchase insurance for that semester only with proof of graduation by completing the Health Insurance Waiver Form.

The Insurance Verification Form must be filled out by a representative of your insurance company to verify that you have adequate insurance coverage if you purchase a plan other than the UF sponsored plan.

How to clear your Insurance Hold

To clear your hold, you must send your receipt/confirmation of purchase showing the dates for which you are covered to Please make sure to also include your UFID and Visa Type (F1 or J1). UFIC will clear the holds for the terms in which you have insurance coverage. For more information, visit the Insurance FAQs section.

Forward your insurance receipt /confirmation to
Holds will be removed within 24-48 hours.

REMINDER! All current international students must submit
their insurance verification/confirmation by July 31st - No Exceptions!

Failure to submit your documents by July 31st will cause a delay of 2-3 weeks
in clearing your hold due to check-in procedures for new incoming students.