UFIC New Faculty Bulletin - February 15, 2013

Dear All,

Did you know that UF is a member of the Florida Network for Global Studies (FNGS) and co-hosts an annual International Summit with several other Florida universities? In addition, UFIC is proposing mini-symposium for later this Spring in hopes of drawing together experts in innovation technologies for development. Additional information about these events are included in this bulletin.

Florida International Summit

Development, Diplomacy and Defense: Opportunities in Latin America & the Caribbean
A daylong conference featuring subject-matter experts from academia, government and business, with a keynote address by:
General John F. Kelly, USMC, Commander, U.S. Southern Command

Also featuring:
Ruben Berrocal, National Secretary, Science, Technology and Innovation, SENACYT, Panama
Loch Johnson, Regents Professor in the School of Public and International Affairs, University of Georgia
Kay Goss, President, World Disaster Management & former Associate Director of FEMA
Pietro D. Marghella, Senior Partner, Disaster Preparedness Resources & Professorial Lecturer, The George Washington University

With panels on “Perspectives on Development, Diplomacy and Defense in Latin America and the Caribbean” & “Disaster Management and its Impact on Development in Latin America and the Caribbean”

Thursday, February 28, 2013
University of South Florida, Patel Center for Global Solutions
8:30 -4:00 pm
Free and Open to the Public
Continental breakfast and lunch provided

To attend please RSVP to USF World at dagosto@usf.edu by February 25th.

Innovations for Development

How are countries at the bottom end of the development ladders going to be able to advance? Are there new and innovative technologies that can help in providing solutions in these countries?

While much of UF’s innovation is focused on patents and markets, we suspect that there are researchers, including students, with technologies that could be very useful in developing countries. In an effort to network among those committed to such work, a small group tied to the UF International Center is proposing an informal “Mini-Symposium” for later this Spring in hopes of drawing on this pool of expertise for future engagement with agencies and organizations  committed to development activities globally.

The purpose of the proposed “Mini-Symposium” will be to exchange information about the work of each participant and to brainstorm about ways that we might collectively go forward with our experience, innovations, and good ideas to partner with others involved in development efforts to which our work might be contributory. We invite all interested parties to contact one of the undersigned indicating an interest in participating in the “Mini-Symposium.” We will then follow up with further details about next steps. Note that our intention is to cast a broad net in this effort: anything from innovations in health to engineering to agriculture to housing and any other disciplines relevant to development priorities will be welcome to join in this effort.  All researchers are invited.

I hope that you might find these resources and events  of interest as you consider how to internationalize your teaching, research and service activities.


David J. Sammons, Ph.D.
Dean, University of Florida International Center