Office of Global Research Engagement (OGRE)

Supporting faculty to build knowledge globally

About Us

The Office for Global Research Engagement facilitates the international engagement of faculty to increase UF’s global presence. Our role is to create a culture of excellence and promote international research across the University of Florida. With over 70 years of international experience and over 40 years of working at UF. We have worked in regions from West Africa to Central Asia and from Europe to Latin America.

The Office of Global Research Engagement helps UF faculty to:

  • Connect faculty who share research interests and are interested in working in similar countries or regions.
  • Through our Global Fellows Program, build leadership and knowledge capacity in working in international venues.
  • Support faculty in identifying new sponsored research opportunities.
  • Facilitate the process of navigating the UF administrative process for conducting international research.
  • Provide information and resources about international locales.
  • Connect faculty new to international research to experienced mentors.
  • Promote international research for doctoral students through our Research Abroad for Doctoral Students competition.

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