Gender & Development Working Group

This is a platform to discuss Gender, Development and Resources related issues initiated by a group of faculty, staff and students at University of Florida. The group is meant to be a locus of energy on campus for those interested in gender and to improve the understanding and inclusion of a gendered perspective in both research and development practice.  Our aim is to reach out broadly, including colleagues who do not necessarily define themselves as gender specialists, but whose research and interests do indeed intersect gender issues. We believe gender to be a fundamental lens through which understanding the social, cultural, and natural aspects of development are broadly conceived.

Through this working group, we will explore together the deeper connections across disciplines, scales, and geographical contexts.

Objectives of the group

  1. Exchange ideas,opportunites, recent research and findings
  2. Share work experiences
  3. Capture grant opportunities wherever relevant
  4. Explore ways to integrate gender in research outside conventional gender related subjects
  5. Build strong network to further strenghten gender competencies at UF

Who can join?

Interested faculty, staff and students at University of Florida in any department and discipline are welcome to join this group. Please forward this to anyone who might be interested.

Last year, the group worked in collaboration with existing programs on campus including Latin American Studies, the Center for African Studies, Tropical Conservation and Development, and the Masters in Sustainable Development Practice, to bring speakers throughout the semester. The group also invited on-campus scholars and practitioners across various disciples to share their research and findings with the broader campus. Bi-weekly meetings were held to facilitate networking and interaction among people of similar interests.