UFIC Global Culture Photo Contest 2004

Here are the results of the Fall 2004 photo competition. Entries were divided into four categories based on the status of the photographer: Faculty, Staff & Alumni; International Students; Study Abroad Students; and Photography & Journalism Students. There were hundreds of phenomenal submissions that the judges had to pick from. The winners truly represent the "best of the best." Many of the winning pictures grace the headers of different sections of the UFIC website. To see a larger version of a photo on this page, click on its thumbnail.

To see a larger version of the photo, click on the thumbnail.

Study Abroad Students

1st: Rich With Tradition, Two Soldiers Guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers
by Eric Staufer

2nd: The Entertainers
by Mary Wood

3rd: The Black Mannequin
by Megan V Winslow

Judges Special Honorable Mention: Nun Surveys the Scene
by Erica Nelles

Judges Special Honorable Mention: Silent Struggles
by Katie Reid

Honorable Mention: Ladder to Nowhere
by Erica Nelles

Honorable Mention: School Break, Macow, China
by Shannon Shirah

Honorable Mention: Buddhist Prayer by Jessica Ducey

Honorable Mention: Through the Eye of Tower Bridge by Lindsey Laboon

Honorable Mention: Shopping as Infra-structure in Mong Kok
by Adam Casey

Honorable Mention: A Haunting History Never Dies
by Sarah Luffman

Honorable Mention: London
by Angela Tweedie

International Students

1st: The Dance
by Piotra Matloka

2nd: The Spirit of New Orleans
by Kornelia Matloka

3rd: The Flag
by Piotra Matloka


Honorable Mention: Mexican Girl
by Ling He


Faculty, Staff & Alumni

1st: A Quiet Moment
by Tammy Marinuzzi

2nd: Church in Salzkammergut Lake Region Salzburg, Austria
by Glenn Kepic

3rd: Ice Fishermen on Oral River
by Kate Mattingly


Honorable Mention: Progress Under Fire by Jose E Rossignoli

Honorable Mention: Australian Aborigine Protest Poster Walls
by Kenneth J Osfield


Photography & Journalism Students

1st: Day of Bible
by Elizabeth Shurik

2nd: Tres Ninos
by Kat Fowler

3rd: Freshening Up
by David Zentz

Honorable Mention: Ruins
by Katherine Huala

Honorable Mention: The Play Thing by Elizabeth Shurik

Honorable Mention: Jungle Hospitality
by Matthew S Levitch


Honorable Mention: I'm Alive
by Ginger Larson