UFIC Global Culture Photo Contest 2006

Congratulations to the 2006 Global Culture Photo Contest Winners! The UF International Center and the Transnational and Global Studies Center held the Third Annual Global Culture Photography Competition during Fall 2006. The judges had the difficult task of selecting the winners from more than 150 phenomenal entries. Judges awarded a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and honorable mentions in each of the four categories: Study Abroad Students; International Students; Faculty, Staff and Alumni; and UF Photography and Photojournalism Students. 1st prize winners received $200, 2nd prize winners received $100 and 3rd prize winners received $50.

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Study Abroad Students

1st: Unadorned
by Sydney Schaef
Moshi, Tanzania

2nd: The Dyer's Souk
by Jessica Neafie
Fez, Morocco

3rd: Peth_Life
by Matthew Hill
Pune, India


Honorable Mention:
The Beckoning Cat
by Reshma Patel
Beijing, China



International Students

1st: Homeless Under the American Dream
by Wei Zhou
St. Louis, MO, U.S.A.

2nd: Skin Fashion
by Anna Szyniszewska
St. Augustine, FL, U.S.A.

3rd: A Kite on the Beach
by Agnieszka Tomkowiak
Holmes Beach, FL, U.S.A.


Honorable Mention:
Time Stands Still
by Deepak Kar
Nashville, TN, U.S.A.


Faculty, Staff & Alumni

1st: Sunset Soccer
by Mujahid Abdulrahim
Aleppo (Halab), Syria

2nd: Fishing Dream
by Sarah Kiewel
Seine Bight, Belize

3rd: Chinese Cuisine
by Peiqing Guan
Shanghai, China

Photography & Journalism Students

1st: Home on the Farm
by Ginger Larson
La Esperanza, Ecuador

2nd: Rooftop Laundry
by Tricia Coyne
Ibarra, Ecuador

3rd: The Jump
by Tim Hussin
Hannover, Germany

Honorable Mention: A Parade of Color by Ginger Larson
La Esperanza, Ecuador

Honorable Mention: Party Dress
by Andrea Morales
Natabuela, Ecuador

Honorable Mention: Huanchaco
by Morgan Petroski
Huanchaco, Peru


Honorable Mention: Skywalkers
by Jeremiah Wilson
Berlin, Germany