UFIC Global Culture Photo Contest 2009

Congratulations to the 2009 Global Culture Photo Contest Winners! The UF International Center and the Transnational and Global Studies Center held the Fourth Annual Global Culture Photography Competition during Fall 2009. Judges awarded a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and honorable mentions in each of the four categories: Study Abroad Students; International Students; Faculty, Staff and Alumni; and UF Photography and Photojournalism Students. 1st prize winners received $200, 2nd prize winners received $100 and 3rd prize winners received $50.

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Study Abroad Students

1st Place “Horseback Riding Through the Vineyards in Tuscany” by Steven P. Verlander (Tuscany, Italy)

2nd Place "Three Children" by Adam M. Close (Nanyuki, Kenya)

3rd Place "Serene Safari" by Maclyne Josselin (Morogoro, Tanzania)

Honorable Mention "Inside the Walls" by Alexandra M. Fernandez (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Honorable Mention "Take a Seat” by Jessica E. Lipscomb (Inishmore, Aran Islands, Ireland)

Honorable Mention “The Beachboys" by Huiling Wolff-Koo (Sanyang, The Gambia)

International Students

1st Place "Melting into Florida" by Yanmei Zheng (Ormond Beach, FL, USA)

2nd Place "The Scale of Men, City and Life" by Zaira F. Pourier (The Getty Center, Los Angeles, USA)

3rd Place "Crossing the Barricades" by Vasa Buraphadeja (College Station, Texas, USA)


Honorable Mention "Sailing down to the Sunset" by Juheng Zhang (Keywest, FL, USA)


Faculty, Staff & Alumni

1st Place "For Only Two Dollars a Day" by Robert L. Jewell (Managua, Nicaragua)

2nd Place "Saraphina" by Sarah Bess Kiewel (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)

3rd Place "Picnic with the Past" by Jean Elizabeth Starobin (Raabklamm, Austria

Honorable Mention "Living off Mud" by Melina Patricia Jimenez (Volcan del Totumo, Colombia)

Honorable Mention "No Place Like Home" by Sarah Bess Kiewel (Gonaives, Haiti)


Photography & Journalism Students

1st Place "Pain for le Pain" by Caitlin Healy (Paris, France)

2nd Place "Barro" by Karina I. Gonzalez (Between Cartagena and Barranquilla, Colombia)

3rd Place "Knick-Knack King" by Jasmine J. Luoma (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Honorable Mention "Mein Liebling" by Kelly C. Mclarnon (Berlin, Germany)