UFIC Global Culture Photo Contest 2011

Congratulations to the 2011 Global Culture Photo Contest Winners! The UF International Center held the 8th Annual Global Culture Photography Competition during Fall 2011. Judges awarded a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in each of the four categories: Study Abroad Students; International Students; Faculty, Staff and Alumni; and UF Photography and Photojournalism Students.

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Study Abroad Students

1st Place
“Lake Titicaca”

by Lauren Van Cavage (Puno, PerĂº)

2nd Place "Abba" by Tommy Budd (Lalibela, Ethiopia)

3rd Place
"Tierra del Fuego"

by Quynh-Le Nguyen (Ushuaia, Argentina)

International Students

1st Place
"A Race to Infinity"

by Sagar Bhandare (Daytona, FL, USA)

2nd Place
"American Symbol II"
by Xiao Wang (New York, NY, USA)

3rd Place
"Little Havana"
by Diana Bejar Diaz (Miami, FL, USA)

Faculty, Staff & Alumni

1st Place "Three Young Monks"
by William John Grisaitis (Myanmar (Burma)

2nd Place"Artigas Rides On"
by Joan Flocks (Montevideo, Uruguay)

3rd Place
"Looking to the Future"

by Sarah Kiewel (Rugerero, Rwanda)

Photography & Journalism Students

1st Place
"Lady's Man"

by Lyn Kramer (Berlin, Germany)

2nd Place
"Source of Life"

by Jocelyn Lemus (Sahara Desert, Morocco)

3rd Place
by Kayla Hauge (Paris, France)