UFIC Global Culture Photo Contest 2014

Congratulations to the 2014 Global Culture Photo Contest Winners! The UF International Center held the 11th Annual Global Culture Photography Competition during Fall 2014. Judges awarded a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each of the three categories: Study Abroad & Service Learning Students; International Students, Scholars & Employees; and Faculty, Staff and Alumni.

To see a larger version of the photo, click on one of the pictures.

Study Abroad & Service Learning Students

1st Place
Northern Lights

by Ray Lowenstein
(Reykjavik, Iceland)

2nd Place
Mo’orea’s Signature

by Larissa Menke
(Mo'orea, Tahiti, French Polynesia)

3rd Place
Color Cruisin'
by Michael Stone
(Berlin, Germany)

International Students, Scholars & Employees

1st Place
Fun After Holi
by Bac Cheng Huang
(Gainesville, FL U.S.A)

2nd Place
Shadows on Castillo de San Marcos
by Sritapa Dutta
(San Augustine, FL U.S.A.)

3rd Place
I Fell in Love with the Idea of Falling in Love with You…
by Soham Das
(Millennium Park, Chicago, IL U.S.A.)

Faculty, Staff & Alumni

1st Place
Monastic Boyhood
by Quynh-Le Nguyen
(Outside of Hsipaw, Myanmar)

2nd Place
Beijing Opera
by Kenneth D. Wald
(Beijing, China)

3rd Place
Hungry Alpacas
by Andrew Wolpert
(Cusco, Peru)