Certificate of Financial Responsibility

In order to accept your application and prepare your DS-2019, we need to verify you have enough funds to support yourself during your program at UF. You must uploadĀ the Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) and any additional financial documents once you create your online application.


  • You must verify that there is a minimum of USD $1500.00 for each month or part of a month you will be here in the US. Amounts must be listed in the appropriate space on the form, and must be in US Dollars. Typically a semester is 4 months; thus, a minimum of $6,000 per semester.
  • If the bank account is in the student's name, then all that is necessary is for the bank to complete and sign at the bottom of the page. (*)
  • If the account is in the name of anyone other than the student, that person must complete the "Parent or Sponsor" part of the form AND the bank must complete the bottom section of the form. (*)
  • For funding of any sort other than personal, an official letter on appropriate letterhead must be supplied with the application, verifying in English and with amounts listed in US dollars, that the amount listed on the form is available.
  • The student must sign and date (mm/dd/yyyy) on the bottom of the form. WE CANNOT ACCEPT APPLICATIONS WITHOUT COMPLETE FINANCIAL VERIFICATION.

(*) If your bank will not complete their section on the CRF form, you must also submit an official letter in English from the bank on appropriate letterhead, verifying the amount of money is availlable and the currency. The letter must be signed by a bank official and dated.