Emergency Contact Information

International students must report a change of address to UFIC, USCIS, and UF within 10 days of a move date.

Change of Address with UFIC and SEVIS

To update your address with UFIC and SEVIS, please complete the Change of Address form and click the "Submit by Email" button at the end of the page.

USCIS change of address

International must submit the AR-11 Change of Address Form to USCIS to report any change of address.

Note to NEW Students: When completing the AR-11 Form, use your NEW address in BOTH the PRESENT and LAST address sections. USCIS will understand that you are a NEW student in the US and do not have a previous US address.

Change of Address in the UF Directory

Students have the following addresses on the UF system:

  • Work Data
  • Local Home Data
  • Permanent Home Data

To meet the federal rquirements, the address of your “Local Home Data” and "Permanent Home Data" must be the actual PHYSICAL address where you live, it CANNOT be a PO Box, and it must be in the US.

To change your addresses to the UF Directory:

  1. Go to my.ufl.edu
  2. Sign in using your Gatorlink Username and Password
  3. Click on My Account
  4. Click Update My Directory Profile
  5. Make sure you enter your street address in the "Address Line 3" box of each section
  6. Click "submit" to process your information.
  7. You also need to make sure all information is updated on your Emergency Contact section