Deposit, Service Charges & Fees

Deposit & Service Charges

To secure your space on a program, students are required to complete the Study Abroad application and pay the deposit early, as programs tend to fill up before the application deadline.

The Study Abroad deposit is required as a part of the application process. It is a non-refundable deposit, due within 21 days creating your Study Abroad application, but no later than the UF Study Abroad program application deadline (whichever comes first). Please meet with Allison Costa, Study Abroad Financial Aid Advisor to discuss using your financial aid for study abroad BEFORE paying the non-refundable deposit.

We are unable to secure your participation in the program until the deposit is paid and your Study Abroad application is approved. Failure to pay the deposit by the due date will result in cancellation from the program.

Please review the table below for specific deposit/service charge amounts.

Type of Program    
Program Fee Deposit (All UF Faculty-Led Programs*)   $350.00
Program Fee Deposit (All Architecture Programs)   $750.00
Service Charge (All Semester UF Exchange Programs including Law Exchanges)   $300.00
Service Charge (All AY UF Exchange Programs including Law Exchanges)   $500.00
Service Charge (Non-UF Semester and Summer Programs)   $250.00
Service Charge (Non-UF AY Programs)   $400.00
Service Charge (UF Independent Studies and Internship Programs**)   $125.00
Late Application Fee   $50.00
Reinstatement Fee   $50.00
*Excludes Architecture and Law Programs
**Credit for these programs must be assessed by UF and Sponsored by UF Faculty

Deposit payments are payable in exact cash amount, checks, and money orders. Payments via credit card are unavailable at this time. Please make checks and money orders payable to: University of Florida.

Mail check or money order to:

SAS Accounts Receivables
UF International Center Study Abroad Services
1765 Stadium Rd. Suite 170 HUB
PO Box 113225
Gainesville, FL 32611-3225

If you are paying by check or money order, please include the following information:

  • Full Name
  • UFID
  • Current Address
  • Phone number
  • Name of your Study Abroad program
  • Term and year of your program

Program Fees

Our UF Sponsored and Exchange programs have online brochures that include budgets that show the estimated costs that students can expect to spend for a given study abroad program.  Some of the expenses listed on these budgets will include items that are payable directly to the International Center while UF local fees will be payable to the University of Florida Financial Services.  Additionally, we estimate the costs for other expenses such as airfare, meals and other miscellaneous expenses that are related to studying abroad.  Students will need to double-check their UF Official email address and their student account in MyUFL to make sure all of these fees have been paid.  If you have a question about which Items are payable to the International Center, please contact your Study Abroad Advisor.

Reinstatement Fee

Incomplete applications will be canceled after the UFIC application deadline.  Applications may be reinstated based upon whether or not accommodations can be made.  Applicants will be assessed a $50 reinstatement fee and must request reinstatement by email to their Study Abroad Advisor. A $50 reinstatement fee must be submitted to UFIC prior to re-opening the application and acceptance into the program. Incomplete applications by the extended deadline may be canceled.

Late Application Fee

A $50 late application fee will be assessed for applicants who apply to a program after the stated program application deadline.  For UF Sponsored programs, acceptance to the program will be based upon available space and whether or not accommodations can be made.  Applicants must request late admission to the program by emailing the Study Abroad Advisor for the program.  The Late Application fee of $50 must be submitted to UFIC prior to acceptance into the program.  Incomplete applications by the extended deadline may be canceled.

Retroactive Enrollment in a Study Abroad Program

All UF students must apply to Study Abroad prior to their departure. Courses taken abroad must be recorded on your UF transcript. Failure to enroll in UF Study Abroad will result in additional fees and holds on your account. Students who take a course abroad without lodging their Study Abroad application with the Study Abroad Services, may be enrolled retroactively, and will be required to pay the deposit or service fee AND the $50 late application fee.  Upon receipt of the service fee and late application fees, students may retroactively enroll in the program. Retroactive enrollment is required before transcripts can be processed.  Students are responsible for ensuring that the transcript is sent to UFIC.  A hold will be placed on the student’s account until payment is received and grades are posted. Request retroactive enrollment by emailing the Study Abroad Advisor for the host country.