Registration & Class Selection

To register for courses at UF as an exchange student, students must complete the online Non-Degree Registration once the International Exchange Application has been initiated.

Course/Class Selection

As part of your exchange application, you must submit a list of classes you would like to take at UF. To help you decide which courses you might like to take, and to assist in obtaining prior approval from your home university for your choices,  course syllabi are available online at Submitting the list request list as part of your application does NOT guarantee you a place in any class or register you in those classes because classes may be full by your registration time or you do not meet the pre-requisites. Choose several alternate classes. Pay attention to scheduling; at UF all students are expected to attend every class meeting for all classes.

  • Business Students must complete and submit the online course request form to the Warrington College of Business.

    Undergraduate students must visit the business school’s website to fill out the online request form. For information regarding registration, course selections, and orientation, please click through the tabs in the box on the bottom of the screen.
    Graduate students must visit the business school’s website to gather information regarding available course and request courses. Detailed instructions will be emailed after the nomination deadline from the Graduate Business office.

  • Law students DO NOT submit a course request form. You may consult Associate Dean Rachel Inman in the Levin College of Law for course information.
  • Engineering Students must complete and submit the online course request form to the College of Engineering.

  • All other students must upload the Course Request form to the online application. For a list of all the classes taught in a given semester, please consult the Registrar's website (click "Course Listing" for the semester you are coming to UF).

The class periods are listed on the page: Class Periods Fall/Spring and Summer.

How to select a course

The courses are listed by department. Use the drop-down menu at the top to select the academic department. Each course has a prefix (for example, ENG for English courses) and a 4-digit number that indicates the level of the course: 1000s for 1st year, 2000s for 2nd, 3000 for 3rd, and 4000 for 4th. Numbers 5000 and above indicate Graduate level course work.

  • The list of courses for Fall is available by early March, and the list for Spring is available by early October.
  • Undergraduate students are not normally allowed to take classes at the graduate level, though permission may be given by the instructor for the course.
  • Graduate-level classes higher than 6999 are not normally open to exchange students.
  • Most courses are 3 credit hours.  4 courses of 3 credit hours each will yield 12 credit hours for the semester.
  • Undergraduate students must take at least 12 UF credit hours each semester, and graduate students must take at least 9 UF credit hours each semester.
  • We do not recommend that incoming exchange students take more than the minimum number of credit hours.

Important Consideration 

  • Many classes have pre-requisites. Pre-requisites and a brief description of each class can be seen by clicking on the course letter-number sequence in the far-left column of each department's Course Listing.
  • Each academic department decides whether it will waive pre-requisite classes for exchange students. You will need to contact the academic adviser for the department(s) that offer the courses you wish to register for. Their names are listed at the top of each department’s Course Listing. You can find their email in the UF Directory.
  • Students who have not taken pre-requisites at their home school should not assume that they will be able to take the advanced class here.
  • Not all courses are open to exchange students.
  • Some classes are restricted to students majoring in the subject area.
  • Some courses may not have spaces available by the time incoming exchange students are able to register, but space may become available during the drop/add period.
  • Students wishing to take classes taught in the College of Journalism will have a very limited range of classes available to them.

Drop/Add courses

The first week of Fall and Spring semester students can attend classes and determine which courses they would like to keep in their schedule and which courses they do not want to take. During the Drop/add period you can adjust your schedule by adding or dropping any of your courses. During the drop/add period you should attend any course that you might wish to add, to make sure that they do not miss any assignments. Make sure you "ADD" a new course to your schedule before you "DROP" the one you do not wish to take. To adjust your schedule, you may use you ISIS account or contact the academic department teaching those courses.

After the Drop/Add deadline, you will have to contact the college that owns the agreement with your home institution to make any adjustment to your schedule.

Click here for more information about UF courses.