Cost of Attendance

You do not pay for the cost of your courses ("tuition") since this is waived under the exchange agreement between UF and your home university. This agreement ONLY covers tuition and DOES NOT cover fees for on-campus housing, library fines, labs, computer services, parking tickets, sports courses, leisure courses, etc. You are responsible for paying non-tuition fees in a timely manner. We will not issue your final transcript until you pay all debt to the university.

After the registration period ("Drop/add" deadline) is over, the International Center submits a fee waiver to Student Financial Services to waive your tuition. Any changes in your registration after the drop/add deadline may result in an alteration of tuition. You must notify the Exchange Coordinator of any modification to your course schedule after Drop/add.

ITEM Estimated amount*
Application fee None
UF Tuition Waived
Student ID card (“Gator One” Card) $15
U.S. Visa Consult your local U.S Embassy
Housing On Campus: Weaver Hall:
Double Room $2,648/semester                         
Single Room $2,804/semester
Off Campus: Wide range of rental prices: $400-$800 per month. Utilities, phone, and/or cable TV are EXTRA. NOTE: Upon signing lease, security deposits are often required as well as the first and last month’s rent payment.
Local Transportation Regional bus system – FREE with student ID card
Food Services

$2,235 per semester
On-Campus: Meal plans available
Off-Campus: Varies. E.g. “fast food” lunch= $4-6, restaurants close to campus = $6-15

Insurance Click here for sample current rates
Books $605 per semester
Entertainment $35 + per week (12 weeks) = $420
Phone Plan Rates vary by provider and typically range from $40 - $150. Students may also choose to make adjustments to current phone plans.
TOTAL: $4,500 - $6,000 per semester, depending on personal preferences. 
NOTE: This does not include traveling outside of Gainesville. 

* Amounts are approximate. See for more detailed cost information.