Departure: Departure Information

Before you leave Gainesville, you will need to attend ONE "check out" session with the Exchange Program Advisor. At the end of the semester the program advisor will send you an email indicating dates and times of the check-out meetings. Additionally, you need to know:


The Academic Report Request form you submitted as part of your application will be used to request the Registrar’s Office to send one copy of your transcript to your school. The Registrar will prepare one copy of the transcript of your grades and send it out to your home school about six weeks after the end of the semester.
If you want additional copies sent to anyone else, including yourself, you must complete the online TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM on the website. You will have to pay the charges listed there. Be sure to check on  that all your grades appear there before ordering a transcript. Note that you can see and print a free unofficial copy of your transcript, which may be all you need for yourself.


The University of Florida will not issue transcripts if a student owes any debt to the University.  It is your responsibility to check for debt owed to UF and to pay that debt. To see if you owe money, check your account under University Bursar in CHARGES DUE.  There are several reasons why you may owe money to the university: printing; Student Health Services charges, library fines, parking tickets.  It takes 2-3 weeks for a debt to show up on your account, so if you print today, the money you owe for that printing will not appear until after you have left Gainesville. Check your debt and think about whether you will owe any more money.  You can pay with a credit card on-line.  Be sure you know how to use and know your username and password. Passwords do expire, and once you have left UF, it is very difficult to have them changed, so be sure to change your password before you leave and check for and pay any debt within the first month after you return home so there will not be any trouble about receiving your grades.

Home Address

You must change your addresses on myUFL to show your address in your own country to ensure any university correspondence will reach you. All three of the addresses (local, mailing, and permanent) should be your address in your home country, and all three addresses should be the same.

Additional Requirements

If you have forms from your school that need to be signed before you leave, remember to bring them to the International Center with your name and home institution already filled in so they can be signed before you leave. 

Leaving the United States

  • You are permitted to stay in the US for up to 30 days after the “End Date” on your DS-2019 form. You may not leave the US and re-enter using your J student visa after the end-date on your DS-2019 form, so plan any travel accordingly.
  • At this time there is no formal “exit” protocol when you leave the US. If you leave the US by air, the airline will inform the US government of your departure, and that information will appear in your online I-94 record of arrivals and departures (; click on “View Travel History” to check this).¬†
  • Keep your DS-2019 form with your personal records in case you need the information about this exchange program for future visa applications.