Steps to Creating a Study Abroad Program

Development Stage

  • Decide when and where your program will take place and your intended program design.
  • Once you have decided on a location, you will need to determine if you will be arranging everything or if you will use a custom program provider. If using a custom program provider, begin getting quotes for your program
  • What course(s) will you be teaching? Most likely, you will choose a rotating topic course within your department that can easily be adjusted for academic content. Many UF departments have set up a “4956” (Overseas Studies) course that is also very suitable for coursework offered abroad. Whatever course you end up offering, please check with UFIC so that we can make sure it is coded correctly in advance of student enrollment.  
  • Work on pulling together course content, i.e. syllabus, lecture schedule, activities for students, assignments, excursions. This is how you decide what you are going to teach, when you are going to teach it, and how you will assess the students.
  • Once you have collected and organized all materials (course content, location details, etc.) into a cohesive program proposal, you need to begin the approval process. Start this process with your department chair, Dean of College, and finally Dr. Susanne Hill, Executive Director of UFIC. Please see Program Approval Form. The Program Approval Form, Proposal, and Syllabi should be submitted to Dr. Hill by the indicated proposal deadlines for the term you intend to offer the program.

Once the Program is Approved

  • Once the program has been approved, you will need to meet with June Bristol to finalize the budget. Please review the Budget Worksheet.
  • Meet with the designated Study Abroad Advisor in UFIC who handles your specific program. Each advisor is responsible for specific areas/countries of the world. Your advisor will set up your program in UFIC's database for students to apply online.
  • Actively recruit students and work with UFIC to participate in the Fall & Spring Study Abroad Fairs. To assist with marketing your program to students, please refer to this “Marketing Guide for Faculty”. Contact Jill Ranaivoson or 352-273-1528 for information on how our office can assist with the creation of a program flyer. Recruitment includes (but is not limited to) information sessions, classroom visits and participation in the study abroad fair. Each program has an application deadline attached to it. UFIC policy requires all programs to have reached a minimum break-even number of applicants by the deadline.
  • Please ask the scheduling coordinator in your department to create a section for the course(s) you plan to offer. The section needs to be coded INT (special program code), NUSA (Special Program Country) and OFF-BOOK.
  • You will receive instructions on how to become an application reviewer in StudioAbroad, the software database utilized to receive and review study abroad program applications. Faculty members are required to review complete applications and make a decision regarding students' acceptances prior to or by the application deadline.
  • Provide program-specific pre-departure orientation for students. Our office is happy to assist with your program specific pre-departure orientation. We can provide a room and one of the advisors will be able to assist you during the orientation. This orientation will be in addition to the general pre-departure session, in which all students must participate.
  • Provide UFIC with Emergency Contact Information Sheet.

Travel Preparation

  • A Faculty Agreement will be emailed to each program director approximately 60 days prior to start of program. 
  • Faculty members should verify the agreement with the approved budget for accuracy and sign and fax it back to UFIC at 352-392-5575.
  • A copy of the faculty agreement should be given to the travel coordinator in your department. If the coordinator has questions, please ask them to contact Susan Lukowe at 352-273-1534. 
  • For travel authorization chartfields, please contact Susan Lukowe.
  • Work with the coordinator in your department to complete your travel paperwork. Your airline ticket should be purchased on your department's P-Card using UFIC's chartfield string. If purchased on your personal credit card, you will be reimbursed either when requesting a travel advance or when filing an expense report upon completion of the program.
  • A travel cash advance can be requested in MyUFL by the traveler. Summer travel expense advances are capped at $10,000. You must have the PeopleSoft role of UF_EX-EMPLOYEE to request a cash advance. To do so, you will need to take the online training class (PST930). Please see your department security administrator to obtain this role.
  • For a program expense advance (different from Travel Cash Advance), please contact Susan Lukowe at 352-273-1534 at least 30 days prior to travel. Your program advance will be in the form of a check mailed to your home address or wired to a foreign bank account, if you have one. Upon return, receipts need to be submitted to Susan Lukowe for reconciliation of the Program Expense Advance no more than 30 days after completion of the program. Please tape receipts on 8 1/2 x 11 paper in order of receipt date.


  • Notify UFIC of student arrival
  • Participate in all program related activities
  • Carry cell phone 24/7
  • Communicate with UFIC in case of emergency
  • Keep ALL your receipts

Upon return

  • Submit Grades
  • Reconcile your program with UFIC Business Manager: Upon return, a Travel Expense Report needs to be filed within 10 days with your department travel coordinator.
  • Submit program report to UFIC