Nominating Incoming Exchange Students

The University of Florida agrees to accept a prescribed number of exchange students, to enroll them as full-time students, and to provide tuition and fee exemption as provided for by Florida Board of Trustees and other applicable regulations. Florida will provide appropriate academic counseling and advising of exchange students, assistance in locating housing, and other program-related assistance as normally available to Florida students. If the University of Florida becomes aware of any emergency situation involving any incoming exchange student, UF agrees to notify the partner insititution. Upon written consent of the student, Florida will send, at the end of each term, an official transcript for each student studying at UF.

The partner institution will screen and select students to participate in the exchange, and notify the Exchange Coordinator of the names, academic levels, subject-areas and e-mail addresses of the approved applicants at least thirty days before the deadline for students to submit completed online applications for the approved semester. Each group of applications may include a prioritized list of alternate applicants who may be substituted in the event that primary applicants are unable to attend. The University of Florida reserves the right of making the final judgments on the acceptance of each student nominated for the exchange. Acceptance decisions will depend mainly on recommendations by the home institution.

Notice of approved applicants for Summer-semester students must be submitted by the partner institution to the Exchange Coordinator by January 1, and completed student applications are due no later than February 1. For Fall-semester students, notice is due by April 1 and completed applications no later than May 1, and for Spring-semester students notice is due by September 1 and completed applications no later than October 1.


The following guidelines apply to all incoming exchange students:

  • The exchange student must meet English language requirement.
  • The exchange student may apply to any academic program offered as a full-time, non-degree or unclassified student at the undergraduate, graduate, or professional level. UF reserves the right to exclude the student from restricted enrollment programs. Availability of any specific course is not guaranteed. Exchange students must meet any course pre-requisites set by the academic unit offering the course.
  • At UF, exchange students must register at the University of Florida in order to participate in the exchange program.
  • In order to participate in this exchange, students must meet home institution criteria. Additionally, it is required however, that the exchange student must have completed at least one year of continuous study at a post-secondary institution before participating in the exchange.
  • During an exchange student's first semester at UF, s/he may request to study on an exchange basis for an additional semester. The exchange student should make this request in writing in the first semester so that visa requirements and other documentation can be reviewed and arranged as appropriate. Any extension must be approved in writing first by the partner institution, then by UF. Upon completion of an academic year study period, the exchange students must return to the home institution. Alternatively, if students elect to remain at UF for an additional year of study, they will no longer be considered to be exchange students, and tuition/fees will not be exempted.
  • Participation in the exchange program does not qualify the exchange student for automatic admission to UF. All participants seeking to remain at UF must comply with all appropriate admissions and visa requirements.
  • Exchange students must abide by all rules and regulations of the the University of Florida. The University of Florida Code of Student Conduct applies to all participants while studying on exchange programs.
  • Upon enrolling in the exchange program,exchange students must grant permission to UF to send a transcript of subjects, credits, and grades to the partner institutions at the end of each term.