Course Registration & Transcripts

Registering for classes for the semester you return

Remember, if you are returning to your home institution for the following semester, you will need to register for classes while abroad.  If you are not a UF student, be sure to check with your university about the best way to register for classes while abroad.

For students returning to UF, you must follow these procedures:

The UF web site posts an updated Schedule of Courses about 2-3 weeks before advance registration. The web site is updated several times per week with new information.  Please use this site as a guide for available courses.

Registering yourself:  You will receive an appointment time by email and can register online as you have done in the past. Remember to check your email account regularly while abroad.  If you need assistance with registration or if you do not receive your email registration appointment, contact your study abroad advisor by e-mail.


Please be aware that transcripts may take two months or longer to be sent from your host institution.

  • If you have special needs (like graduating upon return), make sure an original transcript is sent to UFIC immediately before you leave your program.
    You can arrange for courier service from the host school before you return home or bring the original in a sealed envelope to UFIC upon return. Leave an addressed, paid courier envelope with your host institution if you cannot bring the original back with you. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY 
  • If you are participating in a semester or Academic Year Program such as Lancaster University, Utrecht University, Bonn University, etc. please be aware that transcripts from these schools often do not reach us until the full academic year has ended. 
  • Course equivalencies for exchange programs: If your study abroad transcript includes courses for which you did not receive UF equivalencies prior to departure, it will be your responsibility to obtain course equivalencies for them upon your return. Your first step is to determine which department(s) at UF would offer these courses. Once you have made this determination, you will need to meet with that department's Undergraduate Coordinator for the equivalencies. For a list of undergraduate advisors, please click here. We recommend you spend some time to think about which department is the best fit for your overseas course as well as your own academic needs. UFIC highly recommends that you bring course descriptions and/or syllabi with you when you meet with the departments to facilitate the process.
    • Please make sure to bring a blank academic advising form that the Undergraduate Coordinator can use to assign course equivalencies. Once you have obtained all necessary equivalencies, please submit the form to our office, so that we can process your transcript and get your course work posted to your UF transcript.  
  • Course equivalencies for non-UF programs: If your study abroad transcript lists transfer credit courses that you did not get approved prior to departure, you have two options:
    • You can choose to obtain UF course equivalencies for the classes you took abroad.  If so, please follow the instructions for obtaining course equivalencies outlined above in the exchange section.
    • You can choose to receive elective credit for the classes you took abroad. In this case, you would not have to obtain any course equivalencies and our office will process the foreign transcript without equivalencies
  • If you are receiving scholarships such as Florida Undergraduate Bright Futures, National Merit, etc., your scholarship in the following year will not be released until the courses and grades are posted. This is because some scholarships require that students demonstrate that they have completed 24 hours of course work during the previous year and passed all courses. It is possible that your scholarship will be released as late as the middle or end of the semester. It is therefore critical to arrange to bring an official, sealed transcript home with you or to have your transcript sent as soon as possible.