UF Sponsored Programs

UF sponsored programs have been developed by UF faculty and most of them are being taught by UF faculty as well. The majority of these  programs award UF credit, with some programs offering transfer credit as well. 

Sponsored program highlights:

  • Most are short-term programs (Thanksgiving, Spring Break, and May Intersession) or six-week summer programs.
  • The courses available often represent a wide range of disciplines and will satisfy general elective requirements.
  • UF faculty is present on most sponsored programs.
  • Courses are usually taught in English.
  • In most cases, the student will attend classes taught by UF faculty with other UF students. This is not a full immersion experience BUT it is an excellent way for students to experience another culture without wandering too far from their comfort zone.
  • Because most of their living arrangements and activities are already planned, a sponsored program is great for students who have never been abroad or who prefer to be less involved in organizing their trip.

UF Sponsored Programs will have a program fee which will be billed by the International Center. A deposit will be collected upon application that will be applied to the program fee. Fees for Sponsored Programs will cover tuition, health insurance, program-related excursions and cultural events, housing and, in some cases, meals and some local transportation costs.

To find all our UF Sponsored programs, click here.