Research, Intern or Volunteer Abroad

A growing trend in study abroad programs is the opportunity to do research, intern or volunteer while abroad. Depending on what program you choose, you may be able to receive financial aid and earn UF credit for your experience overseas.

  • Study Abroad Programs with Internships – These programs are traditional study abroad or exchange programs where students take credits and complete an internship at the same time while credit for these internships will come from another university.  These programs typically collect the students’ résumés and cover letters prior to the start of the program and arrange an internship in the interest of the student.  While in the past these programs were offered solely by non-UF Program Providers, there are several UF programs that offer internships abroad such as:
    • UF in London – Business/Internship
    • UF in Brussels – European Studies
    • UF in Salzburg – Business Internship
    • Fachhochschule Osnabrück - Business Internship
    • UF in Dublin – Business/internship
  • UF Internship Programs – These programs are for students who have arranged an international internship and are seeking credit from UF for this internship.  Students will need to coordinate with a faculty member to serve as a sponsor for the internship credits and will be enrolled in UF credits for the duration of the program.  Students will be enrolled in the CISI Health Insurance plan according to standard policies while abroad and will have a line on their transcript verifying their international activity.  Please contact the Study Abroad Advisor for your location if you have any questions about this process.
  • Independent Study or Research Abroad – Many foreign universities are conducting interesting and important research in emerging fields and many U.S. students are looking to join this research.  Many of our exchange partners may be able to sponsor independent study or research opportunities for our students while abroad and may even be able to offer university credit for these opportunities.  These opportunities are available on a case by case basis and students should coordinate with their Study Abroad Advisor to discuss different options.
  • Volunteering and Service Learning – More and more programs are finding ways to give back to the international community through volunteering and service learning.  Many of these programs work in fields such as agriculture, education and public health and may be a great way to learn an important field while studying abroad.  Several UF Sponsored and Non-UF Programs have these components and may be able to meet your needs and interests.

Note: Many students contact our office with inquiries regarding post-graduation employment opportunities overseas.  While our advisors have some knowledge in this regard, we are by no means the authority on these opportunities.  We recommend that students looking into these opportunities contact the Career Resource Center located on the 1st Floor of the J. Wayne Reitz Union.