Grades from your Program

For students on UF Exchange, Non-UF and some UF Faculty-Led programs, we will need to receive an official transcript in order to transfer the credits from your program to your official UF Transcript.  According to UF policy and the Student Code of Conduct, all academic work you attempt anywhere must be reported to the UF Registrar, including courses taken while abroad.  Once UFIC receives an original transcript from the host school, your UFIC advisor will process the grades and send them along with your academic advising form to the Registrar’s office for further processing.  This will become part of your academic record at UF.

Requesting a transcript

Students needing a transcript of their grades should contact their host university upon arrival in order to learn the procedure for requesting transcripts.   Some universities abroad will require this request as soon as you arrive in order to make accommodations, but you should contact the international office upon arrival to learn their policies.  Do not hesitate to ask questions if you are unsure what the policy is.

How to send the transcript

All transcripts should be sent directly to the International Center for processing. Please note that an opened or an unofficial transcript will not be accepted and you will need to request another transcript to be sent to our office.  Please have all transcripts sent in an original, sealed envelope to the address below:

UF Study Abroad Services
ATTN: Transcript Processing
170 Hub (PO Box 113225)
Gainesville, FL, USA 32611-3225

Sometimes the university will mail the transcript directly to the student to carry to our office.  If this happens, please deliver it immediately to our office in its original, sealed envelope. We are unable to process your transcript if you have already opened the envelope.

Receiving your grades

Once the International Center receives your grades it may take up to two weeks for your grades to appear on your official record in ISIS.  If you believe that your grades are taking longer to post than they should, please contact your Study Abroad Advisor to see if we have received your transcript.

For more information regarding the posting of your transcript and course equivalencies, please click here.