Scott Davis

Interim Director, Exchange Visitor Services
Scholars, Student Interns, and Non-sponsored Non-degree Students - Surnames R – Z
All UF Sponsored J-1 Students and Fulbright Scholars

Before starting to work at UFIC in 2007, Scott worked at the UF English Language Institute as receptionist and immigration assistant. At UFIC, Scott worked first with J-1 and F-1 students in the International Student Services unit (ISS). In September 2013,  Scott moved to EVS and now provides services for all  J categories, with special emphasis on J-1 UF sponsored degree seeking students and non-degree students. Scott provides services for many specialized non-degree programs both UF and non-UF sponsored. In March 2015 Scott was honored with a Superior Accomplish Award for outstanding service to UF. Scott is very active with the Florida International Leadership Conference (FILC) which engages international and study abroad students from many colleges/universities across the State of Florida. The FILC promotes leadership skills, friendships/networks among these students, promotes international understanding and collaboration, as well as recognizing differing styles of leadership across cultures and fostering future global leaders.

Contact Information
(352) 273-1527