Faculty & Staff International Travel & Exports

International travel arrangements depend on the nature of sponsored program, donor requirements and/or UF Grants & Contracts policies. If you have questions contact UF Travel Personnel at (352) 392-1241. Look here for the directives and procedures at the Controller’s Office. Below is an outline of some of the steps you should follow before and after traveling abroad

Online Travel Registration

All faculty and staff traveling outside the US on official university business must complete the International Travel & Insurance Registry. This is also true for Emeritus faculty, i.e., someone who is no longer employed by UF, but is still traveling on grant and/or SHARE funds. By completing the registration, faculty and staff will automatically be enrolled in the CISI Health Insurance and Emergency Assistance Plan. This plan provides comprehensive health insurance as well as 24/7 assistance including emergency evacuation, repatriation, travel assistance services, and security coverage for those outside their home country.

Entry to Other Countries

For entry to another country, please consult the following web sites to verify whether a visa is required for entry: Foreign Consular Offices in the US and/or Foreign Embassies of Washington D.C. Foreign UF employees should check with the respective embassy in their home country since different requirements may apply to travel to another country. All faculty and staff must secure documentation to permit entry to another country. Foreign UF employees must also ensure documentation permit to re-enter the U.S.

If traveling to Canada or Mexico, please contact those embassies well in advance to find out the requirements. You may also contact the U.S. embassy in Canada (list of embassies) or Mexico (list of embassies). If you are going to Canada or Mexico in regard to your U.S. visa you will need an appointment.

Nonimmigrant UF employees, click here for re-entry requirements and UF Permanent Resident applicants, click here.

UF Export Control Regulations

Prior to shipping, transmitting or transferring certain sensitive items, information or software to foreign persons or entities you need to check with the UF Division of Research Compliance Export Controls. Also see the basics of export control regulations.

Animal and Plant Inspection Service by USDA

Prior to importing animal and/or plant material you need to check USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service website for information.


Prior to your travel (UF Travelers Guide):

After your travel:

  • Prepare a Travel Expense Report
  • Attach proper documentation
  • Obtain appropriate signatures and fax to (352) 392-6010

When preparing a travel expense report, it will be helpful to use: