2006 Awardees

Dr. Terry McCoy

Professor, Political Science and Latin American Studies
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Center for Latin American Studies
Director, Latin American Business Environment Program, College of Business.

Campus Winner - Senior Faculty
Dr. McCoy’s entire academic career has focused on internationalization at UF. His research specialization is the political economy of Latin America. Earlier research was on Caribbean migration; since the mid-1990s, he has focused on the Latin American business environment. Seventy master’s students have had Dr. McCoy as their supervisor. He has an outstanding administrative and grantsmanship record at UF, serving as Director of the Center for Latin American Studies for years, authoring or co-authoring seven successful Title VI National Resource Center and FLAS grant proposals. A regular contributor to newspapers in the US and internationally, he also appears on radio and television, and has testified before Congress. He has initiated numerous collaborations, exchange programs, and study abroad courses. His international activities for the past thirty years have raised the profile of UF national and internationally.

Dr. Karen Kainer

Assistant Professor, School of Forest Resources and Conservation
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Campus Winner - Junior Faculty

Dr. Kainer’s research focuses on tropical forest ecology and management in Latin America, particularly the Amazonian rainforest. Her teaching, mentoring, and curriculum development focus on international forest issues and cu t across traditional university structures as she has a joint appointment with Latin American Studies. She collaborates with institutions and scientists abroad, particularly in the developing world, raising UF’s international profile. Serving on numerous student committees and as major advisor, she facilitates the overseas research of her students, many of whom have jointly raised $150,000 for their own research. As Co-PI for numerous projects in the Amazon, she has obtained several million dollars in grants and contracts. Dr. Kainer extends her research to various lay audiences from global to local and actively participates in international societies.

Dr. Guido Mueller

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
Campus Winner - Junior Faculty

Dr. Mueller’s research focuses on ground-based and space-based interferometric gravitational wave detectors and is a member of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) collaboration. His gravitational wave research group at UF has raised UF’s reputation significantly and enables UF to compete with MIT and Caltech for funding and students. Dr. Mueller has an outstanding record of grantsmanship for a junior faculty member that almost always includes international collaboration. He has developed one of the few programs in physics that provides international experiences for students. He collaborates with colleagues around the world to achieve the scientific goal of detecting gravitational waves, routinely organizing workshops, conferences, and exchanges.

2006 Nominees

Dr. Nicolas B. Comerford, Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Soil and Water Science Department
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Dr. Comerford has been involved in international soil science research at UF since the mid-1980s. The impact of his work on the chemistry of phosphorus in tropical soils and in the management and regulation of forest soil resources has been recognized at international levels. His current research in Brazil and the Andes centers on soil biodiversity and ecosystems functions. He has been active in teaching overseas (particularly in Brazil), providing opportunities for undergraduate students to study abroad in Brazil, serving as chair or committee member to international students, and incorporating international material into his classes. He has served on numerous international committees and developed collaborative research programs overseas. Dr. Comerford’s teaches students to focus on solving real world problems, much as he has done throughout his career.

Dr. Lawrence E. Datnoff, Professor
Plant Pathology - College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Dr. Datnoff’s research focuses on the role of silicon in plant disease control. He has spent thirty years working internationally, from Peace Corps in Brazil to work in Zambia, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, and Canada, to name a few. He has set up collaborative research programs in many of these countries with support from the USDA, USAID, CGIAR, and host country institutions. While at the Everglades Research and Education Center, he developed study programs for international students to work at the station. In recognition of his service and expertise in international agriculture, he has been recipient of numerous awards, both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Edward A. Evans, Assistant Professor, and Associate Director-Caribbean Affairs, Center for Tropical Agriculture, Tropical Research and Education Center
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Dr. Evans has written extensively about agricultural economic issues in the Caribbean and has had a significant impact on Caribbean agricultural policy development. He has developed collaborative research projects on invasive species that has developed a pest risk software program for users. Appointed as Associate Director of UF-CTA, Dr. Evans has been active in recruiting Caribbean students to UF and in working with colleagues in the region on problems of mutual concern. Dr. Evans’ research has been supported by numerous grants from the USDA reflecting the Agency’s concern with invasive species threats to US agriculture.

Dr. Geoffrey J. Giles, Associate Professor, Department of History
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Dr. Giles’ work is defined by its international aspects. His primary field of research is the Holocaust for which he is a recognized expert and has been called upon to testify to numerous national and international legislative bodies. Dr. Giles has also been recognized as a leading figure in German history and German Studies. He also has secondary research interests in the social history of education and the social history of alcohol. Dr. Giles developed the UF-Cambridge Summer History Seminar in 1983, which is now the oldest continuously offered study abroad program at UF. Dr. Giles teaches numerous courses with international content, some including short study abroad components, and he works on a variety of efforts beyond UF to bring knowledge about the Holocaust to students, teachers, faculty and the general public.

Dr. Raphael T. Haftka, Distinguished Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
College of Engineering
Professor Haftka has promoted international activities for many years at UF and has carried on collaborative research and written papers with 27 colleagues representing 14 countries. Five of his former Ph.D. students are currently faculty members of universities in their home countries. He is one of the founders and second president of the International Society of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization. He currently holds two teleconferences every three weeks with colleagues in Venezuela (collaborating on surrogate based optimization) and France (concerning design under uncertainty). Professor Haftka started the first international joint Ph.D. program at UF with the School of Mines at St. Etienne in France. He sends his students to other countries to improve their education and training and has encouraged numerous international faculty exchanges from and to UF.

Dr. M.J. Hardman, Professor, Linguistics
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Dr. Hardman’s impact in terms of her international research program in linguistics and anthropology and on the region where she works Latin America) is significant. From the beginning of her career, she has worked on Latin American languages and cultures, especially of lesser known languages. Her most recent accomplishment has been the Aymara on the internet project that has developed classroom-based Aymara teaching materials. This is a highly interdisciplinary, collaborative project supporting academic research as well as providing a repository of history for the Aymara people. She is willing to go to great lengths in her support of bilingual education and has received numerous awards across Latin America and in the US. Her scholarship, outreach activities, grants, and honors have raised awareness of UF around the world and made a profound difference in the lives of her students and the peoples of Latin America.

Dr. Jorge Hernandez, Associate Professor, Department of Large Animal Clinical Science; Director, International Programs
College of Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Hernandez is credited with being the most important faculty member in the College in developing international programs, especially as his approach to international education is student-centered, in line with the College’s mission. With support of other faculty, he launched the CVM Office of international programs where students are exposed to international education at three levels: on campus, abroad, and on campus and abroad through a Certificate in International Veterinary Medicine, a 15 credit program parallel to the DVM curriculum. The certificate requires competence in second language, coursework, and an educational or research project in a foreign country. The program serves as model for colleges of veterinary medicine around the world. Dr. Hernandez’s research interests are in large animal diseases, especially tuberculosis and foot-and-mouth disease, especially in Latin America.

Berta Esperanza Hernandez-Truyol, Professor
Levin College of Law
She is a major force in the Lat-Crit Movement, a movement that examines from cultural, historical, and moral perspectives the impact of legal norms upon Hispanic communities in the US and abroad. Her emphasis on human rights and other social factors in the context of trade, property, and other commercial transactions in the public and private arenas has earned her an international reputation as an innovator. Her courses are cross-listed in Law, Latin American Studies, and Women’s Studies and attract students from across the campus. She is a founding member, board member, and former co-chair of LatCrit, Inc., a non-profit organization and has taken them through the procedures needed to allow participation in United Nations’ conferences and meetings. She provides pro bono consultation to persons pursuing human rights claims in international or regional fora and provides opportunities for students to gain experience working on these issues.

Dr. Leah Hochman, Assistant Professor, Department of Religion and Jewish Studies
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Dr. Hochman’s research focuses on modern and contemporary Judaisms and contemporary Jewish and religious thought. She has had several fellowships in the US, England and Germany and has taught a wide array of courses in religion, Jewish studies, women’s studies, and history. She has developed a unique study abroad program, Bridge of Understanding, which explores developments in the relationship between Jews and Germans in Germany. The half-Jewish, half-Gentile composition of the class fosters conversation across ethnic lines. The course is funded by the German Foreign Office and linked to the Centrum Judiaicum.

Dr. W. Robert Knechel, Professor, Fisher School of Accounting
Warrington College of Business Administration

Dr. Knechel’s research areas are auditing, financial reporting, and factors that affect the scope and timing of audit engagements. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in accounting at UF and at numerous universities in other countries, using case studies that he has developed based on his research with multinational firms (e.g., Daimler-Chrysler, Qantas and Luftansa Airlines). He has developed an extensive body of research based in non-US environments, often conducted with international partners. Currently, he has nine research projects with five universities in other countries (New Zealan, Finalnd, Netherlands, Canada, and Belgium). Dr. Knechel has received grant support for his international research which is relatively rare in the accounting field. He has developed and organized the biannual international conference on assurance and governance, held in Gainesville, that is well-attended by faculty from European universities.

Dr. David Kushner, Professor of Musicology, Head of the Musicology/Ethnomusicology Area
College of Fine Arts

Dr. Kushner’s international activities have established his reputation as a leading musicologist around the world. His research and presentations contribute significantly to the world’s knowledge of such composers as Bloch and WeinBerger and on 20 th Century American music. He is co-founder of the American Liszt Society and serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Program Chair. The training received by his students, including travel to different parts of the world, helps to set them on the path as teachers, scholars, and musicians in their own right.

Dr. Marilyn Roberts, Associate Professor, Department of Advertising
College of Journalism and Communications
Dr. Roberts has a strong record of teaching, research and service not only in international advertising but also in international communications and business. She created the core undergraduate international advertising class and two graduate courses, as well as the combined degree in international advertising. She has direct student teams for North American and global advertising competitions. Currently, she is supervising students from several countries and provides them with opportunities to teach international advertising. She helped create the Master of Business Communication program in Brazil, recently spent a sabbatical at Hanyang University in South Korea and in Santiago, Chile. She serves on several boards, both internal to UF and nationally, and provides service across the campus and globally.

R. Terry Schnadelbac, Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture
College of Design, Construction and Planning
Professor Schnadelbach has spearheaded the department’s efforts to internationalize its curriculum and enhance the global image of the department, the college and the university. In addition to teaching graduate and undergraduate courses at the Paris Research Center, he also conducts a university-wide, two week tours of Paris’ parks and public open spaces. He has extensively studied French and Italian landscapes and the profession of landscape architecture in Europe. He has received grants to conduct a lecture series at the PRC every fall for the past three years which draw a large crowd of French and American professional. Since Hurricane Katrina, Professor Schnadelbach has been researching redevelopment strategies.

Dr. Glenn E. Sjoden, Associate Professor, Department of Nuclear and Radiological Engineering
College of Engineering
Dr. Sjoden serves as acting deputy director of the Florida Institute of Nuclear Detection and Security and is an expert on radiation transport computation, Special Nuclear Materials detection, numerical algorithms, and high performance computing. Dr. Sjoden and his students actively participate in international conferences, presenting clear evidence of the unique and scholarly expertise at UF in the area of nuclear science and engineering.

Dr. Brijesh Thapa, Associate Professor, Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management
College of Health and Human Performance
Dr. Thapa’s research is in the area of ecotourism and cultural heritage tourism, with emphasis on residents of parks and protected areas and on factors that promote economic, cultural and environmental sustainability. He has completed research projects in several countries and is currently working with graduate students in Nepal, Peru, Belize, Panama, St. Lucia, Dominica, Barbados, Mexico, Taiwan, Indonesia, Surinam, Brazil, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Botswana, Gabon, Russia, and Kazakhstan. Dr. Thapa teaches courses on ecotourism and heritage tourism which attract students from across campus. He serves as graduate coordinator for the department, actively promoting the department and the university. In fact, the majority of students in the Recreation, Parks and Tourism program are international students; Dr. Thapa supervises many of these students.

Sergio Vega, Associate Professor, Art and Art History
College of Fine Arts
Sergio Vega is a world-renowned multimedia artist and author, who has exhibited on five continents. His writing, which includes articles, interviews, reviews, and books, are published in the US and Europe. He has had solo shows in several Italian cities and participated in group exhibits in New York, Mexico City, Sollentuna ( Sweden), and Helsinki. He will have a solo exhibit in Boston this month. Vega has developed courses for the Honors program at UF’s Paris Research Center and is Artist-in-Residence at Yale University this academic year. His published research and exhibits have brought UF to a wide international audience. His next project is in the Middle East, in Saudi Arabia.