2009 Awardees

Dr. Arthur A. Teixeira

Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Campus Winner – Senior Faculty
Dr. Teixeira is recognized internationally as a leading researcher and educator in the field of food and bioprocess engineering. Thermal process simulation models resulting from his research have become central to the modern computerized control systems for intelligent on-line process control being developed in today’s food canning industry. Dr. Teixeira has served as scientific advisor to the FDA and the USDA, and has gained international recognition as a process authority in establishing safe thermal processes for sterilized canned foods. Two Fulbright grants in Portugal and Peru resulted in establishing cooperative agreements between institutions in those countries and UF/IFAS, and attracted fully funded graduate fellows to pursue their Ph.D. at UF/IFAS. Recognition of his leadership has led to numerous invitations to conduct teaching, research and extension/outreach activities in the following countries: England, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Israel, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Honduras, Cuba, China, Indonesia, Australia, Kenya and South Africa.

Dr. Guolong Lai

Assistant Professor of Art History, School of Art and Art History
College of Fine Arts

Campus Winner – Junior Faculty
In all his scholarly activities there is a consistent theme and evident enthusiasm for using the visual arts and material heritage to bridge different cultures across time and space to foster international understanding and cooperation. His research focuses on such international issues as the policies, guidelines, and international cooperation in protecting archaeological heritage and on the history and politics of museum collecting and collection management. A bridge and collaborator between the College of Fine Arts and the Asian Studies program, he is also involved with numerous programs and institutions in China. His work as Chair of the Harn Eminent Scholars Committee for Art History has positioned Dr. Lai to take a leading role in bringing international scholars to campus. Additionally, he has co-organized two international conferences on international cooperation in heritage conservation in China and the history of Western collecting of Chinese art.

2009 Nominees

Dr. Anita Anantharam
Assistant Professor, Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research
College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Anantharam’s research focuses on gender and nationalism in South Asia (India and Pakistan). She has two books forthcoming, an edited volume, Mahadevi Varma: Political Essays on Women, Nation, and Culture and a scholarly monograph, Bodies that Remember: Women’s Indigenous Knowledge and Cosmopolitanism in South Asia. All of these accomplishments have enriched and complemented her teaching. In 2007, she won an Internationalizing the Curriculum grant to enhance her Transnational Feminism course. In addition, Dr. Anantharam taught a course on food and globalization for the 2009 UF in Paris Spring Break program. Together with her colleague Travis Smith (Religion), she launched the first UF in India study abroad program in CLAS.

Dr. Lyn C. Branch
Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Department, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Dr. Branch has focused much of her career on research and education related to the ecology and conservation of the vertebrate fauna of South America. To address these issues, Dr. Branch has developed an integrated program of research, education and outreach focusing on Latin America. For more than two decades, her work in Latin America has 1) provided a strong scientific basis for conservation of wildlife in systems ranging from tropical rainforest to semi-arid shrublands and agricultural landscapes, 2) facilitated development of university programs in Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management, and 3) trained professionals to manage natural resources and conserve biological diversity. She brings this rich experience to the undergraduate classroom and training of graduate students at UF with the goal of educating global citizens for a changing world.

Dr. Veronika Butterweck
Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics
College of Pharmacy

She is the current holder of the Debbie and Sylvia DeSantis Term Professorship of Natural Products. Her research focuses on the development of new therapeutic concepts based on herbal medicines. Dr. Butterweck’s existing research collaborations are presently based on joint master thesis/postdoctoral collaborations where students/postdoctoral fellows from Universities of Basel and Graz, partner universities in Europe perform directed pharmacological research for their theses in the Department of Pharmaceutics at the College of Pharmacy. Due to Dr. Butterweck’s activities, with the above mentioned partner universities cooperative are presently under negotiation. These agreements will further promote the exchange between faculty and students as well as the exchange of academic and research information.

Dr. George Casella
Distinguished Professor, Department of Statistics
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

He is a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the Oslo (Norway) University Centre of Statistics for Innovation, Oslo. He is also the Joint Editor of the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B, published in London, England. Holding this position brings considerable exposure to the department and to the university. Dr. Casella is very active in research endeavors in both Spain and France. In France, he has an active research program with Christian Robert (Ceremade – Universite Paris-Dauphine); in Spain with Elias Moreno (University of Granada) and Javier Girón (University of Malaga).

Dr. Hartmut Derendorf
Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmaceutics and Co-Director, Center for Drug Food-Drug Interaction Research and Education
College of Pharmacy

He has years of service in recruiting, training and educating students from both the European and South American continents in basic and clinical aspects of pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic modeling of drugs. This endeavor, on average, has brought between 20-30 undergraduate pharmacy students per year to the College of Pharmacy and other Colleges in the University of Florida for 3-4 month research training experiences. Furthermore, Dr. Derendorf maintains a very close relationship with all of his former graduate and undergraduate pharmacy students through his biannual Global Gator meetings held in Europe. The Global Gator meetings provide a medium for scientific exchange of current pharmaceutical topics through both platform and poster presentations for about 200 participants.

Dr. Robert A. Gilbert
Associate Professor, Department of Agronomy
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Dr. Gilbert is also the Associate Center Director for the Everglades Research and Education Center in Belle Glade, Florida. He has made a significant contribution to the Agronomy discipline through his cropping system research work as a postdoctoral fellow with the Rockefeller Foundation in Malawi, and more recently through his sugarcane and biofuels research program in collaboration with EARTH University in Costa Rica. The Malawian government and the donor community (World Bank, European Commission and DFID) subsequently signed a $24 million agreement to produce and distribute starter packs to 2.8 million smallholder farmer households.  As the sugarcane agronomist at UF/IFAS EREC in Belle Glade, Dr. Gilbert has developed not only an excellent program for developing improved sugarcane cultivars, but he has also been actively engaged in capacity building and research with higher education institutions in developing countries, particularly Costa Rica.

Dr. Lynda L. Kaid
Professor of Telecommunication, Department of Telecommunication
College of Journalism and Communications

Dr. Lynda Kaid is an internationally acclaimed scholar and teacher in political and international communication.  She is the author or editor of over 20 scholarly books, many of which have an international focus. Recent examples include The EU Expansion:  Communicating Shared Sovereignty in the Parliamentary Elections, and The Handbook of Election News Coverage Around the World.  She is the author of numerous refereed publications on international political communication including research involving the United Kingdom, Poland, France, Germany, South Korea, and Iraq.  In 2007, she was awarded a Fulbright Grant to study political advertising in Germany.  She has served on 17 doctoral and nine master’s committees for international graduate students including students from South Korea, Romania, and the Republic of Ireland.  

Dr. Gregory A. Kiker
Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

His program has a significant international focus, which builds upon several years of research and teaching experience in South Africa. This collaboration has created two research projects. The first project involves modeling the ecological effects of water withdrawals from the Crocodile River. The second project is the development of an elephant and vegetation model for ecological management of elephant population control scenarios within savanna ecosystems.  The impact of his international research has had tangible, bilateral results. The Acru2000 agro-hydrological model, which he helped develop in South Africa, has been applied extensively in southern Florida agricultural systems, with four UF PhD projects resulting from this model collaboration.

Dr. Michael Lauzardo
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
College of Medicine

Dr. Lauzardo serves as Principal Investigator of the Southeastern National Tuberculosis Center, and participates in a wide range of international activities in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Morocco. He is involved in research projects in the supervision of graduate students at the Masters level, and in service on funded international projects. Dr. Lauzardo has held international positions including serving as the Vice President and Program Chair of the North American region of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease and chair of the Latin American Liaison Committee of the same organization.

Dr. Dijon Liu
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry
College of Medicine

He is an established scientist internationally and is well known in the field of functional brain imaging. He has two papers published in Nature in the areas of eating and obesity, which are related to Dr. Liu’s current research and teaching working on Addiction Medicine. He also led an international team to work on neuroimaging of cultural differences in mathematic thinking and their brain representations, a work published in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences and greatly recognized in international education, in particular its implication for bilingual teaching.

Dr. Andy Naranjo
Associate Professor of Finance and Associate Director of the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)
Warrington College of Business Administration

In addition to his classroom teaching, Dr. Naranjo has also developed an International Business study program that has become a model both within and outside of College. In his innovative program, he actively pursues students from a variety of disciplines, including participants from the College of Business and other colleges throughout UF (Law, Food and Agriculture, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Engineering, CLAS, among others). His international research has focused on international market linkages and valuation issues. Andy’s international research cuts across various areas of finance, including international real estate markets.

Dr. Todd Palmer
Assistant Professor, Department of Biology
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Over the past decade, Dr. Palmer has been awarded 4 major National Science Foundation grants totaling over 1.6 million dollars to conduct research, train students and establish collaborations with scientists in Africa, resulting in the funding and mentoring of numerous African and American Ph.D. and Masters students and several active collaborations with African scientists. In addition, in 2001 he created an affordable, experientially-based field school in ecology, conservation and cross-cultural learning for U.S. and Kenyan undergraduates training scores of undergraduates in ecology and conservation in the developing world, as well and funding and building four primary and secondary schools, potable water-delivery systems, and zero-grazing dairy facilities through rural Kenya. The field school resulted in the first “UF in Kenya” study abroad program proposal this past Summer.

Dr. Panos Pardalos
Distinguished Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering
College of Engineering

He is internationally recognized for his research and applications in the field of global optimization.  Dr. Pardalos also serves as Director of the Center for Applied Optimization. While he holds a Distinguished Professorship and a UF Research Foundation Professorship (twice) from the University of Florida, his accolades are truly international.  Dr. Pardalos is a Fellow of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science, the leading organization for operations research in the world.  Internationally, he has been named an Honorary or Foreign Member of the Academy of Sciences of Spain, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia and Mongolia.  He is also a Fellow of AAAS. In 2007, he was awarded the Senior Fulbright Specialist Award from the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.  For his participation in a program in Mongolia.  He develops and utilizes optimization and data mining techniques to solve a variety of problems – from those in healthcare and medicine to transportation and energy. 

Prof. Deanna K.W. Pelfrey
APR, Fellow PRSA
College of Journalism and Communications

Prof. Pelfrey has achieved a significant record of accomplishment in international public relations practice, research, teaching, and service. At the University of Florida, she teaches full-content international courses at the undergraduate level, specifically International Public Relations. She also incorporates international components in every class she teaches, including Public Relations Research, Public Relations Writing, Public Relations Campaigns, Principles of Public Relations, and Strategic Communication in Public Diplomacy. Of particular note, Prof. Pelfrey successfully coordinates international field trips for students as essential parts of her international public relations classes.

Dr. Robert J. Ries
Assistant Professor, Rinker School of Building Construction
College of Design, Construction and Planning

Dr. Ries’ research is directed toward improving the environmental performance of the design, construction, operation, and decommissioning of the built environment. He recently completed his Ph. D. dissertation research on post-tsunami housing reconstruction on Sri Lanka focused on developing a life cycle decision framework for multi-stakeholder contexts. The principal challenge addressed by this research is to improve collaborative decision-making with both non-experts and experts in a transdisciplinary planning environment. This should make it possible for stakeholders to incorporate environmental decision-making into their community-centered decision-making process, while enabling a sound scientific analysis of the environmental issues at local, regional and global scales.

Prof. Maria Rogal
Associate Professor of Art History, School of Art and Art History
College of Fine Arts

Prof. Rogal’s trans-cultural perspective influences her work, which focuses on the relationship between culture and design and how we can leverage the potential of design to positively shape the human experience. Her projects are interdisciplinary and she uses design as a conduit to work in areas of intercultural communication, cultural anthropology, environmental ecology, technology, globalization, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. Her creative design work has appeared in several national and international juried exhibitions in the UK, Hungary, Cuba, and the US. Ms. Rogal was awarded a Fulbright-García Robles Scholar grant (2006–2007) and a Fulbright-Hays Faculty Research Abroad grant (2007) to conduct research in the Yucatán region of Mexico and teach in the Social Communication program at the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán.

Dr. Richard H. Schneider
Professor, Department of Urban and Regional Planning
College of Design, Construction and Planning

Dr. Schneider has been deeply involved with the UN-HABITAT’s Human Settlements Programme since 2002 as an advisor, researcher and scholar. He also contributed to HABITAT’s “Strategic Plan for Safer Cities 2008 – 2013” at the Monterrey conference. That document has become basic policy and practice guidance for UN-HABITAT’s “Safer Cities” Programme. His international work also attracts other scholars from around the world to seek him out for collaboration. In the last few years, he has a close collaboration with scholars at the University of Tokyo and allied governmental institutions, including the Japanese National Building Research Institute. He was invited to give a keynote speech on planning “Child Friendly Cities” at the UNESCO Asia Pacific “Growing up in Cities” conference in Tokyo, Japan in 2008. Recently, he also hosted three Japanese academics from Tokyo, Chiba City and Kyushu Universities and started working collaboratively between UF and Japanese universities and organizations (such as the National Building Research Institute) on place based crime prevention planning.

Dr. Edil Torres-Rivera
Professor, School of Human Development and Organizational Studies in Education
College of Education

As a leading authority in the field of counseling, Dr. Torres-Rivera’s research has made a significant contribution to the discipline. He has collaborated with researchers around the world. Results of his work has been published in refereed international journals and disseminated through conferences in several countries. He has also provided leadership in service to the field of counseling around the world. He is the Editor Elect of the Interamerican Journal of Psychology. He also serves on the Executive Board of the Interamerican Society of Counseling.

Dr. Nihal Tumer
Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Department of Medicine, College of Medicine

Dr. Tumer has first-hand experience both as an international fellow in a foreign land and educator of international students. She has served as the faculty advisor to the Turkish Culture Night. Dr. Tumer’s research involves the training and mentoring of numerous international students and fellows. She has devoted most of her research career to investigations in the field of cardiovascular aging. Within the past five years, she has supervised nine post-docs and junior faculty as well as sixteen graduate and undergrad students; including American, Hungarian, Korean Chinese, Turkish, Cuban, Indian, Kenyan, Israeli and Mexican along with two University Scholars, one of them of Lebanese descent. Dr. Tumal is a member of the Advisory Board of two European based journals, The Eurasian Journal of Medicine and Firat Medical Journal of Turkey.

Dr. Cirecie West-Olatunji’s
Associate Professor, School of Human Development and Organizational Studies in Education
College of Education

Her research places her in a highly select group of scholars in the field of counseling and is truly worthy of this award. As a leading authority, her research has made a significant contribution to the discipline in the area of disaster response, both in the USA and abroad. For example, Dr. West-Olatunji recently traveled to South Africa and Botswana with a group of 16 counselor educators (students, faculty, and practicing counselors). One of the intentions of the trip was to give students hands-on experience with the “rapid deployment” counseling model West-Olatunji teaches in her courses and put to use in New Orleans shortly after Hurricane Katrina. The group spent 23 days exploring and participating in those countries’ counseling systems. South Africa and Botswana have community-based systems in which counseling services are delivered by local volunteers who are trained by professional counselors. In addition, West-Olatunji and her colleagues brought with them a collection of textbooks for the counseling section of the University of Botswana's library.

Dr. James Zhang
Professor of Sports Management, Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sports Management
College of Health and Human Performance

Dr. Zhang has served as a primary faculty member on three study abroad courses over the past five years. His exchanges have included courses taught in China, Germany and Italy. His most recent course was entitled Olympic Games Preparation and Venue Development during the summer of 2006. Dr. Zhang’s commitment to international education can also be seen through his training and development about the global sports product. He has also been very committed to mentoring and advising international students at the University of Florida. He is currently the president-elect of the North American Society of Sport Management (NASSM). NASSM is the premier professional organization for sport management scholars and has a worldwide membership of over 750 members.