2014 International Educator of the Year Award

Campus Winner– Senior Faculty

Arnoldo Valle-Levinson, Professor.  Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering, College of Engineering.

Dr. Arnoldo Vaile-Levinson is a Professor in the Civil and Coastal Engineering Department. He has received international recognition through his extensive research, teaching and service activities abroad. He has developed sustained partnerships with educational institutions in Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Oceania. In the last 5 years, 53% of Dr. Valle-Levinson’s peer-reviewed publications {31 out of 58) have involved international collaborations. Students from UF have been included in 70% of these publications, exposing them to international cooperation.  In the same 5-year period, Dr. Valle-Levinson has taught 15 international short courses on various aspects of coastal hydrodynamics. Course participants have ranged from undergraduate students to professionals in the field, including UF students. These courses have reached more than 200 participants and have established protocols on coastal and estuarine physical science in Mexico, Brazil and Chile.  Moreover, these short courses have allowed recruitment of students to UP's Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering graduate program. Dr. Valle-Levinson has been the external member of 11 PhDs committees at international universities (7 of whom have graduated). He has hosted graduate students from Brazil, Chile, and Mexico, one undergraduate student from Brazil and one from France. He has also hosted visiting professors from Chile, Brazil, Mexico, England, Australia, The Netherlands, Spain, and China. Dr. Valle-Levinson serves as an associate editor of three journals with international dissemination (Continental Shelf Research, Estuaries & Coasts, and Ciencias Marinas). He is a member of two international steering committees, is frequently invited to review proposals by international funding agencies and review panels, and has been convener of technical sessions at several international meetings. He has been recognized as a Distinguished Professor by the Northern Catholic University in Chile, as a Distinguished Visiting Professor by the Mexican Academy of Sciences, and as a Gledden Fellow by the University of Western Australia. He has also  been  a  Distinguished  Visiting  Professor  at  the  Centro  de  Investigacion y  Estudios  Avanzados in Mexico(CINVESTAV), at the Mexican National University (UNAM), at the University of Valparaiso in Chile, at Utrecht University in The Netherlands, at the University of Coruiia in Spain, at the University of Bordeaux in France, and at Kyushu University in Japan.  He has been assigned the highest rank by the Mexican System of Researchers.  A Chilean Patagonian estuary has been named in his honor ('Estero Arnoldo'). Perhaps his most prominent recognition in the international arena is his induction as one of fewer than 100 (worldwide) Corresponding Members to the Mexican Academy of Sciences. In all of the activities outlined below, Dr. Valle-Levinson has emphasized the training and capacity building of professionals at UF and abroad.

Campus Winner- Junior Faculty

Karen Reed, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing, College of Nursing.

Dr. Karen Reed, MSN, DHSc, RN, CNL, CRRN is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing in the University of Florida College of Nursing. Dr. Reed is an expert in international nursing education and professional development whose focus is based on her doctoral research and extended as a Fulbright Scholar, which allowed her to live in Cambodia for the 2013-2014 academic year. During this time, she taught and mentored nursing students in undergraduate Cambodian nursing programs as well as provided professional development programming for staff nurses in public and private hospitals. In addition, she taught as a visiting professor at the Kampot Regional Training Center in Kampot, Cambodia and conducted professional development programs for Cambodian nursing faculty, nurses, and nursing administrators.

At present, Dr. Reed teaches in both the undergraduate and graduate programs at the UF College of Nursing. Dr. Reed also holds professional memberships in Sigma Theta Tau, the North Florida Chapter of the Fulbright Association, the Transcultural Nursing Society, and the Association for Rehabilitation Nurses. She has been an active volunteer for the American Heart Association as a CPR Instructor since 1982. Dr. Reed is nationally certified as a Certified Rehabilitation Nurse and as a Clinical Nurse Leader.

Dr. Reed earned her Bachelors in Science Degree at Troy University, her Masters of Science in Nursing from the University of Alabama, Birmingham and her Doctor of Health Science degree at Nova Southeastern University. In short, Dr. Reed is an outstanding international educator who has made significant contributions to the education and professional development of nurses in Cambodia.

Campus Winner- Staff Award

Patricia Sampaio, Program Coordinator, Center for Latin American Studies.

Patricia Sampaio is the Program Coordinator for the Tropical Conservation and Development (TCD) Program in the Center for Latin American Studies (LAS).  Prior to joining UF Patricia served as Assistant Director of the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project in Manaus, Brazil, a joint venture between Smithsonian Institution and National Amazon Research Institute (INPA) of Brazil. Her background includes field research in tropical forest ecology and conservation, as well as undergraduate and graduate education related to tropical conservation and development. She holds an MS in Ecology from Universidade de São Paulo and a BA in Biology from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. She is a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese and fluent in Spanish. She arrived to UF in 2002 and worked as a Biological Scientist in the School of Forest Resources and Conservation. In 2006, she became a Program Coordinator within UF’s Center for Latin American Studies (LAS). Since 2009, she has directed most of her activities as Program Coordinator for the Tropical Conservation and Development (TCD) Program in LAS, but also assists with scholarship and other competitions within LAS. She is active in outreach and environmental education for K-12 locally. In 2013, Patricia was elected Treasurer for the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, the leading professional organization in this discipline.

Patricia directly contributes to the international mission of the University of Florida in many ways. A key role is her facilitation of the recruitment, application and admission processes for a large number of international students to the TCD program. Over the years, Patricia has helped TCD develop a steady, large, high quality stream of applicants who fit a TCD profile, which is to some extent non-traditional students (i.e., many come from professional positions, such as conservation and development NGO leaders and practitioners). Secondly, once students arrive at UF, Patricia is instrumental in facilitating their arrival and establishment at UF and Gainesville. Third, Patricia is invaluable in helping create a welcoming and integrated community for these new international students. An important component of the TCD community is the “veteran” students. Here, Patricia was a catalyst for the formation of a UF-recognized TCD Student Group; her continued support to this group provides important social network opportunities on campus for international and US students within the TCD program.

Ask a student what role Patricia plays in their academic life and you receive an answer such as:

“Patricia makes the task of getting UF assistance from Gainesville to remote places in the world's tropics look easy. She is a truly intercultural bridge between international students and their new UF home, and American students to tropical countries settings. She manages all kind of challenging logistics and paperwork with a smile in her face.”